My Vitamix Routine


I bought a Vitamix 5200 mixer 10 years ago at Costco. (10 years and 1 month as of now)

Since then, I’ve been using it twice a day for the last 10 years without stopping.

Without a doubt, Vitamix is the best purchase I made from Costco. This is possibly the most beneficial product I own in my life. Vitamix is expensive. And you don’t have to buy a Vitamix blender. You can buy any cheaper blender. You just need to use it every day. You need to replace junk food with fruits and vegetables.

Below is my 10 years old Vitamix routine.

To me, the blender is a chore. I don’t enjoy the taste. It takes a short time to fill my stomach with fruits and vegetables. I gulp it down fast, clean up, and move on with my life. I do it fast and cheaply. I don’t make Vitamix juice to sit down and savor the moment.

Sorry, the video is painfully long. This was my first time editing a video. Maybe I’ll get better the next time.

In real life, I make Vitamix juice and make coffee at the same time. I would have two timers going. It gets busy.

I am not a scientist, and I refused to pretend to be one (by looking up). I blindly trust that my green mix is better than most breakfasts that people eat. I blindly trust that having one of these before eating dinner is what’s keeping my weight down.

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Vitamix blender container close up