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I think it was a huge mistake for Costco to change from the fresh cut Perdue chicken they carried for years.  They phased out the Perdue many months ago.  I have always enjoyed the savings, I am going to stop buying my fresh chicken there due the sub standard quality and taste.  I am very dissapointed.  Anyone else notice the difference?

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I started buying my fresh chk from sam's where they still carry exclusively perdue. whole fryers are still 99cents/lb.

but perdue chk does.taste better than the rest.

By guest (not verified)

Unless is it free range, I won't buy it. Too many things are added to chickens that make it unhealthy for you.


By guest (not verified)

I have never bought chicken from Costco.
I found chicken & steak more expensive at Costco.
Maybe they are superior in quality from Costco.
But, I've been poor all my life.
Maybe I start paying attention.

By john

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