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Mu shu ...mulch?

We love to try new items as they appear on the shelves.  And i was excited to see mu shu pork as one of them.  In fact it looked deliciOus...ON THE BOX....


What we discovered was grey matter that appears to be kitty vomit.  It was hard to do, but we tried it even after being repulsed by its appearance.  This is NOT mu shu.  More likely its Moo-Poo.  Whoever chose a product that looks and tastes this unappetizing is seriously messed up.  I am kind of pissed off.  We spent money for this mutilated mush.   

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Take it back. They'll never know people don't like it unless people tell them. They'll remove it and we'll get something better.

By guest (not verified)

I agree. I was equally disappointed with the Harvest Foods Mu Shu Pork! It's soupy, there's very little meat, too salty, and there are too many pancakes for the small amount of filling. Overall it is the worst thing I have ever eaten from Costco!

By guest (not verified)

Costco will allow you to return items, even if there's nothing "wrong" with it, and you just personally don't like the taste. I've done this more than a few times without any problems.

By guest (not verified)

Thank you for sharing.


By john

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