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Costco Shopping - January 8, 2014

Happy new year~!

This was my first Costco shopping in 2014.

2014 - I can't believe I started this website 6 years ago.  Yikes, this makes me to think.  Will I be doing this 6 years from now?  Will I be still alive after 6 years?

I had a bunch of staple items to buy. Coupon saved $26.00

I stock up on chicken soup for when I catch cold.  I truly believe in power of chiken soup.  I need V8 juice for busy mornings when I don't have time to make Vitamix juice.

I didn't buy anything fancy.  It is my new year's resolution to save money.  With my new year's resolution, I still spent $124.61.  I think I'm doing OK as long as I use everything up without trashing any.

Happy new year.  I will keep in touch.



On the "saving money" front, have you tried Clamato rather than V8? Costco (at least my local Costco) sells Clamato as two half-gallon jugs and it's much cheaper per-ounce than V8 in cans (even with a coupon).

Of course, Clamato is different than V8. It has a thinner consistency, but a stronger flavor. Don't worry, the clam juice in Clamato is more of a spice than a serious part of the juice.

By guest (not verified)



I really don't know if CoQ10 works or not.
I saw some doctor talking about it in PBS program once. And I started to take it. So, who knows.. :(

I should take this every other day and exercise more.


By john


Smart, putting the eggs on top of the cold yogurt:) Does that Coenzyme Q10 really work?

By guest (not verified)

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