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New tires

I bought tires today, NOT from Costco.  I paid $307.50 total for 4 tires. Costco no longer carries the same tires I bought the last time ($368.71).  But the cheapest set of tires from Costco is $430.00+.

I went to the tire store early Saturday morning.  The air was crisp, guys were rolling up the shop doors, and I was the only customer there for a while.  It felt good to be in that moment.  Somehow, that moment made an impression on me.  I guess I'm getting older and feeling sentimental over small things around  me.  I set there and enjoyed my coffee.  Tires were installed in about 30 minutes.

They tried very hard to sell me extended warranty.  But, I didn't buy it.  I do not believe in tire warranty. If I understand correctly, they cover defected tires.  So, if your tire is damaged, they will check your car first.  If your car is not in perfect condition (bad alignment, etc..) then they will not honor your warranty.  At least that's how I understand.  I don't need tire warranty.  Just keep a good spare tire.  I have a brand new full-size tire as a spare. 

No struts:

My car has bad (old) struts.  It will cost me $1500 to replace struts.   So, I decided NOT to replace struts, but just bought new tires.  I plan to buy a car in 1-2 years.   hope it was a smart move.



I'm at 128K miles and still doing strong.
Yes, I will check prices around.
Thank you for telling me.

By john


One more thing to add...Your picture looks like a firestone shop. Firestone uses OEM parts (original toyota parts). They will cost more and are the safest bet, but there are good quality 3rd party parts available.

By guest (not verified)


Hi John...Defintely shop around for struts. Ask for quotes that breakdown parts and labor hours and costs. It's a standard job, so a phone call should suffice. Whether you plan to keep the car or not, bad struts will effect braking distances and handling. It will also effect the life of the tires you just bought.

Struts dampen the oscillation of the springs. When you go over a bump, the springs absorb the shock. Struts keep the springs from continuing to go up and down. The repeated up and down motion leads to increased tire wear. The weight on the tire will oscillate along with the spring changing the amount of traction/friction which will effect handling when going around turns.

Repairs can be costly, but a few repairs will likely still be less than the cost of another used car...especially if you keep on maintenance (oil, trans, brake, & sterring fluids). Good cars can last well past 100k miles.

By guest (not verified)



Oh, I see. Let me check price some more.

That's exactly what's going on with me. I just want a different (better) car. There is nothing wrong with the car. My next car will be a Toyota or Lexus, a used one.

I bought the car used (2 years old). And I've been driving for 10 years without care. It's so reliable.

Thank you for your input.


By john


I've always loved driving my car right after a new set of tires. I remember your other tire post because I drove that exact car, even the same color, for 7 years. I sold it way too soon. It was a very good car, never broke down on me once.

I'd encourage you to shop around for struts. 1500 is very high. Even better would be to find a good mechanic from a friend referral. Take good care of it and I bet you'll get many more years out of it. The worst thing about Toyotas is you get bored of them way before they wear out. I drive a Honda Fit now and I love having a hatchback. Gas mileage is great. It's a small car but very fun to drive and will haul a ton of stuff. 30$ to fill it up. It's my favorite car since I sold my Camry. Can't beat it! Have a great day John!

By guest (not verified)

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