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Costco Shopping (Morning) April 12, 2015

I went to my local Costco at 10AM as they open the door Sunday morning.  I believe this was my first time shopping at Costco on Sunday morning.  Parking lot was almost full when they opened the door.  The place was packed in no time.  Long lines started to form right away.

There was a $20.00 coupon on Water Ridge kitchen faucet. I bought this exact faucet three months ago without a coupon ($78, 99).   So, today I bought the faucet at $58.99 and returned it on my old receipt for $78.99 back.  I brought a copy (print out) of my old receipt.  There was no issue using my print out receipt.

I like Doritos.  I like chips, period.  But, I rarely buy (eat) chips because they are bad for you.  There was $1.70 coupon on this bag of Doritos, so I made an exception today.

What you don't see in the picture is 2 cases of Perrier (24 bottles each).

Coupon saved $38.70

After shopping I had a hotdog for breakfast.



love a car wash, ya! (Am thinking of the song . . .

By zelda (not verified)


The hotdog is a once a year for me . . haven't had this year's quota, and really am not missing it much. The doritos may be less harm than the dog. Now, on to total indulgence! Not harmful, not a once a year thingy . . . well, maybe that is not entirely true but, you must try the creme brulee from Marie Morin. Oh, my! Just don't do what I did out of curiosity and open the sugar packet to examine the contents of the crown of the creme. It has magical abilities that begin caramelizing once exposed to air. Or perhaps my kitchen is so hot that it caused that to happen. In any case, this is a good dessert that has a bonus of a little glass ramekin that you can reuse! Needless to say, I loved it and at the entire cup.

By zelda (not verified)

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