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Update: Business? or Pleasure?

This is an update from my August 1, 2015 post, Business? or Pleasure?

I thought the ball was on my court.  If I was to respond to her note I shouldn't keep her waiting too long.  I don't believe in making girls wait 3 days before calling.  I like girls who appreciate good guys.

Anyway, I sent her a quick email.
I told her that I appreciated her hand written card.  I said I was happy with the bank and the only complaint was that I didn't see her often.  But, I didn't "Ask her out".  I figured, if she was truly interested, she would reply to my email.

Then a few weeks passed without her reply.  Now I feel awkward and stupid that I sent that email. I believe, now, that the card was only a business.  It's embarrassing, but, really, her card was confusing.  Anyway...

Oh, no, I can never show my face at the bank, of course.  :(

Maybe I will just visit her and say   "So..?  Are we gonna do this or what?"  Haha!!



Yes, I did think about the possibility that she failed to read my email.

Now, I haven't been going to her branch for about three months. Things are awkward in many levels.  Haha.

I should just walk up to her and say "Are we gonna do this or what?"  haha..

By john


You know.... it's always a possibility that she didn't even SEE the email? It does happen (to everyone). Most people,self included fall behind in reading their emails. I wouldn't feel embarrassed at all, instead you can just ask her if she received your email. Depending on her answer then you go from there. I would think that her answer will let you know what her feelings are. Just another bit of my two cents (if you don't mind) The reality is whether she's only interested in your business or she'd like to know you better there's nothing wrong with asking her out to lunch (as friends). Then you would either gain a friendship or a future relationship. What ever the outcome, you should save yourself any embarrassment.

By Florence Lewis (not verified)


Hehe..  Yes.  Thank you.  :)

By john


Don't feel embarrassed. The woman works at the institution where your money is being kept- you definitely want to be on her good side! She's probably either flattered, or embarrassed too. She deals with customers all day, so over time she will just associate you as being one of the nicer ones.

By Nicole (not verified)


Ah~~ Thank you very much.  It's very nice to hear that.

Have a nice long weekend.  :)

By john


I'm sorry, John, that you feel embarrassed. However, I think it's really great that you were aggressive and went after what you wanted (an open line of communication with Ms. Moolah). A lot of people don't do that. I respect and admire you! Best wishes always :-)

By fan of you! (not verified)

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