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Kitchen Towels Suck - all of them

I don't know why people buy, sell, & use kitchen towels like these.  yes, I own several of them myself (picture below).  But these towels SUCK!.  They don't perform well as I want them to. They are too small and thin that they quickly become soaking wet.  They need to be thicker and larger.  Dish towels have been around for many years... but am I the only person with this complain?  Are you guys happy with your dish towels?

I keep some of the dish towels just because I want to follow the tradition.  I may even use them when I have formal guests.  But what really works for me is bathroom hand towels (28 to 30 Inches long).

I don't know what kind of dish towels you guys use.  To me, nothing even comes close to bathroom hand towels, and I will continue to use them in the kitchen.

FYI: The towels I use in the kitchen are from Costco.  :)



I read you, JC  :)

Thank you for letting me know

By john


Don't know if you'll read this but have you seen/tried the new Loft bathroom towels they have currently? My gf made me get 2 pair, teal and white as she thinks they're the thickest/softest she's seen in all the stores we've been in - Home Goods/BBB/etc. They're like $9.97 ea.

By JC (not verified)


I use the white bath hand towels too and the wash cloths for dish cloths for washing dishes. I agree they work much better and more absorbent! I use Costco brand also.

By Angie (not verified)

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