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Vizio Sound Bar at Costco (SB4051-C0 40) - Pre-Thanksgiving

* This purchase pays for your Costco membership.

I bought a Christmas gift to myself from Costco website.

Vizio SB4051-C0 40" 5.1 Bluetooth Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer.

Vizio Soun Bar  Costco Saving

I saw this Vizio sound bar on Costco's Pre-Thanksgiving flyer. It was $199.99 after $80.00 discount.  I've been searching for some kind of audio system for my TV for last year or so.  There are many cheaper options available.  But I cannot allow cheap sound in my house because I love watching TV (and proud).  This unit caught my attention because it was right at my budget after $80 off.  When it comes to sound system, (usually) you get better sound quality as you spend more money.  So, you want to spend maximum amount of money within your budget.

This Vizio sound bar does exactly what I want it to do.  It sits behind my TV that I can barely see it's there.  The subwooper is hidden on the floor behind the TV.  My TV remote controls the volume of the sound bar.  Music channels sound amazing with this.

The volume goes up to level 35.  I normally watch TV at level 7-10.  Level 20 is too loud that I cannot enjoy watching TV that way.  When I listen to music channel, I may raise the volume to level 20-25 but only for a few minutes.  Volume level 35 is not realiatic for me.

As a TV lover, this sound bar dramatically improves my life style.  I am really enjoying this.

FYI:  I still haven't installed the satellite speakers.

Vizio Sound Bar SB4051-C0 - Costco

Costco's Vizio Sound Bar circled.  Sitting behind the TV.

I came a long way.  When I first started my blog, I had a 9 Inch TV in my living room.



Oh, wow, I see.  Thank you.

Nice talking to you.

By john


nice piece, even if it is an economy version. Huge Santana fan here. Big allmans fan too, used to go see them every march @ the Beacon theatre in NYC.

Happy strumming !!

By jeff (not verified)


YES! It is Santana (PRS) - But, this one is a cheaper Korean model.

I am definitely not a good player.  I cannot even jam with my friends because I am not good.  But it's fun practicing.

Currently, I am practicing Pat Benatar's Heart Breaker, especially the solo at the end.  I have every note in my head (where my fingers are supposed to be), I just cannot play at real speed.  You know how it is..

I have 2 guitars dedicated to play Motley Crue (tuned full step down), also have 2 guitars tuned half step down so I can play some of the 80's stuff. 

And I like to play Skynyrd and Allman Brothers.  :)

Happy holidays, Jeff.

By john


Hey john,
is that guitar a Carlos Santana model ? i was noticing the fretboard.

what types of music do you play ?

By Jeff (not verified)


HI, Fred.  I hope you are enjoying your new sound.

There was a Samsung sound bar with $120 discount.  I was tempted to buy that one.  My TV is Samsung, but, I bought Vizio sound bar.  It all worked out really good for me.

I ordered mine without seeing the unit in person.  It was easier to make a purchase because I was buying it from Costco.  Good stuff  :)

By john


Just bought the Samsung sound bar with wireless subwoofer for $139.99. I wonder how it compares to the others. I saw Costco has no less than three different brands of TV soundbars in the stores. I presume it's best to buy the same brand soundbar as your TV if possible.

By Fred (not verified)

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