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HAs anyone ordered a gas Range from Costco.


 I purchased a LG Gas Range from They say it takes 2-3 weeks for it to be delivered .I wondered if that time  period is correct ( it seems like a very long time, and I live in Ohio  ) . Also what company delivers the item ? , and does ayone know if and when send you a tracking number for the item. ? It has been 5 days now since I ordered and I have received no communication from them other then the thank you for your purchase confirmation email. Thanks in advance for your answers. It seems odd that I can find out nothing on the internet about this question.

Sorry, I don't have any clear answer.

My guess is that Costco does not hire delivery people.  Costco has people at LG shipping products for them.  And those people who distribute LG products will hire delivery people (whoever they like).  That's only my guess. 

Also, if you order a range, your item may or may not be available in your area.  So, that's another variable.  So, if they say 2-3 weeks, I will trust it actually requires 2-3 weeks.

I don't know about confirmation email.  Did you buy oline?  Then can you check from website?  They should tell you when it will arrive. Hm...

Again, sorry for not having any clear answer.

By john

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