This is a personal blog. I am not affiliated with Costco in any way.
But, we needed a place for Costco shoppers to say hi.
I hope you enjoy the stay. Have a nice day.

Costco garden products

Last week I bought 2 bags of flowers to plant: Dicentra (pack of 6) and Alcea ( 6 as well).

Dicentra had total of 4 roots ( not 6 as pack said) and what was a real surprise – Alcea, it had one root of one color ( supposed to be 3) and one –already rotten root of other color. Very disappointed. One instead of 6 I paid for.

Used to buy flowers from Costco for many years, sometime it could happened that one or two pieces out of 6 could be dried out or rotten but having  only 1 out of promised 6…, will not give Costco another try

Wharton NJ

Costco Forum

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