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My Vitamix Routine

I've been using Vitamix twice a day, non-stop, for last 6 years.  Below is a picture of my typical mix (one serving - 2 tall glasses)

First of all, I don't use Vitamix for taste.  Vitamix is a chore.. I just gulp it down and move on with my life.  I make one when I wake up, and make another one when I come home from work (before dinner).

It takes so little time to make Vitamix juice. I cannot think of any faster way to eat.  So, in part, I do this because I am lazy.

I put some ice and water to start.

I put:

  • Flax seeds (of Chia seeds) - About 1 tbl spoon.
  • Celeries - 3 or less (depends on how thick)
  • 1/2 apple - normal size
  • some carrots
  • Spinach to fill the container to top (or green mix)
  • Ginger to taste (when I feel like it)
  • Lemon to taste (when I feel like it)

There is no rule.  I may buy random vegetables whenever I see them on sale.



Hi, Gal.

Yes, to me it's just fuel.  Last 6 yeas, I have never drank Vitamix juice for taste, not once.

It takes so little time to make Vitamix juice compared to anything else.  It's convenient, cheap, and beneficial.

Thank you for keeping touch.  :)

By john


Thanks for posting the pictures. I’ve been making this smoothie since you gave me the recipe a few weeks back. It’s so, well... green flavor compared to how I used to make it a while back. I used to make it with banana and frozen fruit. After a while it tasted like baby food to me and I quit. So this feels very very green and raw. But I think I’ll get used to it. It’s much better for me and it’s a chore as you say. So I’m putting it in the right perspective! It’s just fuel, right?

By Gal (not verified)

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