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Too Old For This - Drug Trafficking

It was Thursday 9pm when my neighbor called.  She's 10+ years younger than I am.  We are just friends. She occasionally invites me to join her young friends at her place.  She told me once that I was fun to be with because I was "Odd".  Mm.. Story of my life.

She asked me if I would like to keep her company.  She had to drive to Los Angeles to see her friend.  She needed to pay her some money and say hello to her for about 15 minutes.  I should be back home before midnight.  I hadn't been to Los Angeles for over 10 years. Tomorrow is Friday, so it would be OK if I get a little tired. 

So, I said "OK, I'll go with you".

I put on my Santa hat and she hit the freeway.  She told me it was strange and fun to go out with me.  I gave her a smile as I adjusted my Santa Hat.

THEN, she started to chain-smoke as she listened to loud techno music.  OMG, That was painful.  All my good clothes (I bought from Costco) were soaked in smoke.

Below is a sample of "Techno Music" - She didn't listen to the exact song, but they are all same.

** NOTE **  I am not saying Techno Music sucks.  I respect all kinds of music.  But, I am just too old for this kind of music.  I stopped listening to the "New Stuff" since the 90's. 

Anyway, we drove to the trendy part of Los Angeles.  My neighbor's friend was walking her dog at night in high heel boots.  She was a cute blond.  I expected that we would head back home in 15 minutes like she told me earlier.  But, they started to drink beer.  I drank water.  We were there for about 2 hours.  And it was past midnight.  I was falling a sleep on the couch next to the dog.  My neighbor gave her friend some money she owed, and the friend gave her some homemade cookies.

Then I noticed something funny.  The cookies didn't look right.  I was pretty sure that there were illegal drugs in those cookies.  I was angry and worried.

We finally hit the freeway back home.  She cranked up her Techno Music again.  And there went chain smoking.  We were hungry, so I took her to Denny's for late night breakfast.  As we ate breakfast, I confirmed that the cookies did contain marijuana.

I came home past 3am and I went to bed around 4:30am.

I crashed the next day.  I was so tired and sleepy.  At work, I had to take a nap in my car.

I am too old for this.

But it was fun.


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