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Up 27 Hours, Police Chase


I went to work.
I went to Costco.
I did 3 loads of laundry.
I ironed 11 pants & 12 shirts (took 3 hours)
I fixed dinner, ate, & did the dishes.
I did more work.
etc, etc...

I have been up since 10:30pm last night.
So, I've been up and working 26+ hours straight.

It's 12:30am, but I cannot go to sleep.
There is a police chase going on (online).. I must watch the chase..
The chase was on TV at first.
But, after 11:30pm all TV stations had to move on.  But I still have access to two internet channels where I can watch the chase.

Chase is over, but now it's a stand up.
The suspect is in a Bentley, a $150,000.00 car.

I just cannot stop watching car chases

Oh my God~!!  the guy killed himself.
They are gonna get the body out.
Oh, boy... there he goes... he's dead.
Now it's 1:14am but there are people everywhere on the street.
This has to be a top news tomorrow.  Wow..

This is why I watch car chases.  It's a real human drama.   You never know what's going to happen.


Costco shopping story coming up tomorrow... I am very tired.

I cannot believe I've been up 27 hours straight.  So stupid...

Good night.

Posted By john

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BBQ Day this Weekend

I am getting ready for a BBQ day tomorrow (Saturday).  I will be eating alone, but it's OK.  I manage to keep myself busy and entertained.

I need to work on my web projects. 

I plan to take a nap, practice guitar, watch The Lakers, drink coffee, keep working...  I should visit my parents too... hm.  I am so busy.

Anyway, I have chicken and steak ready for tomorrow.  Chicken is from July 2008 shopping, steak is from the Glorious Thanksgiving Steak Sale.  

I need to pick out some movies for this weekend.  Out of my movie collection there are about 150 movies that I haven't watched.

Posted By john

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Lunch Shopping at Costco

* Today's Costco Shopping: 8th time this year, 2nd time this month

My coworker wanted Costco hotdog and pizza for lunch, so I gladly took him to Oxnard Costco.  He doesn't have a membership, see.  My coworker was like a kid in the candy store... He checked out the prices on a lot of TV's and other electronics.

Then we ate hotdogs and pizzas.  I am normally full after one hotdog, but I tend to eat a lot when I'm eating with a company.  Eating is more enjoyable with a company.  Especially, when I'm with my coworker, we play a little game to see how much we can eat.

Costco Hotdog Pizza
Costco Hotdog and Pizza.  What you don't see under the relish is a massive amount of onion.  You can see red shade from the red umbrella.

Posted By john

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Costco Shopping - February 1, 2009

* Today's Costco Shopping: 7th time this year, 1st time this month

It's Sunday.  I went to Costco at 11am, before the church people start packing the house.  I bought some basic stuff.  I didn't buy anything special today.

I am going to Los Angeles.  I will get you a picture of the Hollywood sign. 

Oh boy.. long drive...

Here we go... it was hazy today

I am tired...

Posted By john

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Major Delay - Computer Upgrade

My server computer needed to be upgraded. So, I had to open up my machine and moved 400GB data.  This alone took me 2 days.

I can still use my main computer, but I do not have access to most of my data.

I will be handicapped for about 4 days.  Then I should be good for next year or two. 

This is my server computer.  It does nothing but backing up data, play music, & record TV shows occasionally.

It holds 2 DVD, 4 internal HDD, & 4 external HDD.  You can see 2 hard drives hooked up right on top of the machine.  I have RAID-0 on OS drive.  Which means I always have an exact duplicate of the main hard drive (just in case).

I must take care of them money makers.

PS. No no no...  I am not enjoying this.  I used to have fun working on computers though.  In fact, I built this computer from scratch about 9 years ago.  Everything inside the case is replaced once or twice since then.  I miss the time when I used to stay awake 2-3 days at a time, building computers with cheap parts.  CompUSA was a happening place back then...

Posted By john

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Costco at 2008 Customers' Choice Awards

2008 Customers' Choice Awards Winners

I never put a foot inside L.L.Bean store in my life.  Isn't that store for rich folks only?  Costco is at #35.  I think it's not bad for a "Membership Only" store.  Sam's is not doing bad also.  Good to know.

1 L.L.Bean
3 Zappos
4 Amazon
5 Lands' End
6 Newegg
7 JC Penney
9 Coldwater Creek
10 Nordstrom
11 Cabela's
13 Lane Bryant
14 ebay
15 Sears
16 HSN
17 Best Buy
18 Kohl's
19 Macy's
20 Radio Shack
21 Belk
22 Circuit City
23 ACE Hardware
24 Old Navy
25 Target
26 Apple
27 Victoria's Secret
28 Dillard's
29 Wegmans
30 Kroger
31 WalMart
32 Lowe's
33 Publix
34 Meijer
35 Costco
36 Kmart
37 Home Depot
38 Staples
39 Safeway
40 Walgreens
41 Sam's Club
42 Verizon
43 Dell
44 CVS

Click here for NRF's official article

Posted By john

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Brand New Tire Went Flat~!! - Back to Costco.


My brand new tire went flat. 

I thought my car felt funny in the morning, but I just drove to work.  When I was at work, one of my neighbors noticed a flat.  But, my neighbor never bothered to leave me a note (WTF).

At lunch time, I drove around the town - to the bank & post office.  Then I came home to eat lunch. 

After lunch, I was going to drive back to work... that's when I saw the flat for the first time. I just got a set of brand new tires.  I couldn't believe this happened.

It took me about 10-20 minutes to switch the tire.  That small jack was painful to use. 

Nail on Tire

After work, I went to Costco.  There was 2 hours waiting time.

So, I went to furniture department and set on the couch for an hour.  I read a book.  Later, I ate a churro and did some shopping.

Costco Tire Center

Tire was done around 8:30pm.  I was tired, cold, and hungry.

Costco repaired my tire free of charge, of course.

Angry at my neighbor
I met my neighbor later.  He told me he saw my car at my work with a flat tire.  He even described the nail to me. When he was telling me all that, I just smiled and walked away.  I didn't say anything to him.

But, I still cannot believe that he didn't leave me a note.  He knew where I worked.  He could have visited my work and told me I had a flat.  I am amazed how some people behave as a member of society.  He saw my car, he examined the tire, and he just walked away (possibly laughing).

Gag me with a spoon, dude...

Posted By john

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Costco Shopping - January 26, 2009

* Today's Costco Shopping: 6th time this year, 6th time this month

I went to Costco to fix my flat tire.  This inspired me to get a set of new floor mat for my Camry.  This heavy duty, fancy floor mats were $18.99.

Costco Car Floor Mat

Check it out.  I really needed a set of new floor mat for my 2002 Toyota Camry.  I didn't make that mess.  That's how it was when I bought this car in 2004.

Floor mat Costco Camry
Floor mat - 2002 Toyota Camry

Posted By john

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Dinner For One - Saturday

I treat myself with fancy meals on weekends.  I try to make my life interesting on my own (you know what I mean... single life). 

Today I had..

  • Couscous - $.60/serving
  • Normandy Style Vegetable Mix  $.40/serving
  • Beef Bourguignon  $6.00/serving

All from Costco...

It took me about 15 minutes to prepare everything. This beats eating out.

Costco Dinner Plate
Costco Shopper's Dinner Plate

Posted By john

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Costco Shopping - January 21

* Today's Costco shopping: 5th time this year, 5th time this month.

I didn't buy anything special today.  I just needed to fill up my refrigerator. 

I needed some pre-made meals (Bachelors' meal).  I also found "Normandy Style Vegetable Blend".  I would have liked it more if there were some potatoes in the mix. It works for now. :)

Costco Blog

Posted By john

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