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Laundry Bag Handles

* 3rd package of the year.

These are laundry sorter handles to go with Seville Classic's Laundry Sorter.  It took a little extra time to get here (about 2 weeks).

Seville Laundry bag sorter handles
Bag Handles for Laundry Sorter (Seville Classic)

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Polder Ironing Board returned - Review


I purchased an ironing board by Polder at Costco on Jan 10, 2009.  Then I took it back for a refund on Jan 16, 2009.  Here is why.


I consider myself as a good ironer.  I believe I have good ironing techniques, at least for shirts and pants.  I use both flat end & pointy end of the board.

I thought Polder's Board at Costco would improve my productivity.  After all it's a Costco approved product.

My old ironing board is from Rite Aid (cheap).  It's narrower and not stable.  Costco's new board is wider, longer, and it comes with a station to rest your iron.

Ironing Board Polder, Costco

Wait... but this doesn't make sense.  Look at the iron holder on the left.  With this, I cannot use the flat end of the board.  Look at my older (narrower) board on right.  With that, I can use the flat end to quickly iron back-side of my shirt.

Now take a look at the pointy ends of the boards.  I use the pointy end to iron my pants.

Polder Ironing Board Review

With my older board (cheaper, narrower), I am able to maneuver my pants easily so I can iron hip & inner thigh area.  The only way to iron inner thigh area fast & effectively (without leaving marks) is to position the board from inside (correct me if you know any other way).  You cannot do that with Polder board because the board is too wide.

Having an iron station on the flat end is a major mistake.  We need to use that flat end. What where they thinking? 

I thought I can remove the iron station.  But, I couldn't.  It was welded permanently.

So, I had to take the ironing board back to Costco for a refund.


Polder's Ironing board from Costco is a quality board.  It just doesn't work for me.  Bigger and wider aren't necessarily better.  Wider ironing board will work if you are ironing bed-sheets, drapes, or skirts (or if you are super fat).  If you have normal body shape and wear shirts and pants, you need a narrower ironing board.  

Polder's board has a poor design.  I cannot believe nobody at Polder raised this issue.  If Polder wants to sell more ironing boards, they need to listen to real world folks who actually use irons.. like me.


Video Demonstration
Using Flat End of the Ironing Board
To me, flat end of the ironing board is absolutely necessary.

Me Ironing in the Bedroom By the Closet

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Costco Shopping - January 16, 2009

* Today's Costco shopping: 4th time this year, 4th time this month.

I dropped by at Simi Valley Costco for some gas.  I returned my ironing board (I got it refunded.  Story is here).  The board was not for me.

I bought the ironing board at Oxnard, and returned it at Simi Valley Costco.  Refund process was quick and easy.

I bought a six pack of couscous about 3 weeks ago.  Now I only have 1 pack left.  I am enjoying this couscous a lot.  So I bought three more (18 total).  They are $1.15 pack each.  I get 2 meals out of 1 pack.  It's a great side dish. I can get this ready in 10 minutes. 

CousCous Costco

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Costco Shopping - January 10, 2009

Big shopping day

It was a big shopping day today.  Coupons saved me $48.99 but the total amount was still well over $300.00. 

Power Juicer was the most expensive item at $89.99.  My current juicer broke down this morning.  I had to buy a juicer ASAP. I drink juice once or twice every day, you see.

I spent a lot of money today.  I am a little sick to my stomach.  But, I bought a lot of items that will last many years.  It was a smart shopping for a long term benefit.

Juicer, Ironing Board, Ziplock bags, Sweeper, DVDs, & Liquid Plumber should last a few years at least. 

I didn't eat hot-dog (I didn't feel like eating after spending that much money Tongue out).  But I put gas in the car.

* I took the ironing board back for a refund

Costco Shopping

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Simple Office Ergonomics - Mouse

I hope somebody would agree with me on this

At work, we have expensive office furniture.  Everyone sits on a $600.00 Herman Miller office chair. I am saving money so I can buy one for my home office.

Then I have this under the desk keyboard tray. This keyboard tray has a built-in mouse pad.  It looks like this. This may look very typical to most people, but it doesn't make sense to me. 

Office Ergonomics

With above setting, my right hand must move down to grab my mouse.  This doesn't make sense.  The mouse must be raised up a little so it will be at the same level as the keyboard. 

Something like this (below)

Office Ergonomics Mouse

This is how I setup my mouse at both work & home office.  I raised up my mouse pad slightly.  I find this the only way to setup my mouse.

Also, I put my mouse pad right next to the keyboard, so I am able to click Enter key with my thumb while I'm operating mouse.

I don't want my mouse too far away from my keyboard.
I want my mouse leveled with my keyboard.

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Wash Your Ziplock Bags - Save Money

Your Ziplock bags are not for one time use only.  You must wash & reuse your Ziplock bags as often as possible.  These bags are very expensive.  Ziplock bags must be used at least a few times.  Recycle your ziplock bags if you are done with them. 

This is how I wash my used Ziplock bags.

  1. Turn the bag completely inside out.
  2. Use dish soap and sponge to wash "outside" ("outside" which used to be the "inside")
    • Lay the bag flat on the kitchen sink and scrub it with plenty of detergent (pay more attention if the bag used to hold blood).
    • Rinse inside the bag briefly ("inside" will become "outside" later)
  3. Dry the bag as is (bag is still inside out).
  4. After the bag is dried, turn the bag inside out to its original form.
  5. Personally, I do not worry about the outside of the bag. 
    • I only care about the inside where it will touch the food.

Wash Ziplock Bags

Posted By john

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My Second DasKeyboard Arrived

* First package of the year!

My second Das Keyboard arrived.

This one is for my work.  I have a Das Keyboard for home already.  After using it for a few weeks, I had to get one more for work.  This keyboard is amazing.

I work with computers 10 - 18 hours at a time.  It's refreshing to add toys like this.

Das keyboard Mail Order
Das Keyboard - $129.00 shipped via UPS

Das Keyboard all blank keys

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Costco Shopping - January 7, 2009

I didn't really have to go shopping today.  I just got new tires, so I wanted to drive around.  My tire story is located here.  I thought I would drive to Costco.  Why not...

Costco Blog

I turned in my old car battery that was replaced yesterday.

Old Car Battery
My Trunk

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New domain name -


Please update your bookmark.  The new url is now

I had to wait about a year to get this domain name.  This was the domain name I originally wanted from very beginning.  Somebody was squatting on this name for some time.  He probably wanted $5,000.00 for it (I mean, seriously).  I got lucky and picked it up for less than $20.00.  

OK, I'm back to business.  I'm going to Costco today after work Smile

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Seville Classics' 3 Bag Laundry Sorter - Review & Story


I have this laundry sorter by Seville Classics - I purchased from Costco (of course).  I love this laundry sorter.  I give them my highest recommendation. 

Below picture shows 4 bags (1 extra bag)

The sorter has three bags.  This may be perfect for some people, but I need 4 or 5 bag system.   Maybe it's because I live alone.  Maybe because I always think about using my time efficiently.

I wear a lot of dark clothes compared to white clothes (that require bleach).  Also, most of my laundry require warm wash & normal dry.  But some of my delicate items require cold wash and low dry.  If you really want to be efficient, you really need more than 3 bags.

My plan is to add 1-2 more bags to this rack, and I would do wash whenever I have three bags ready.  To me, this makes a perfect sense.

I would separate my clothes sorted by following order:

  1. Warm wash
  2. Cold wash
  3. White (Bleach only) 
  4. Misc (Delicate, towels...)

Ordering extra bags & hangers

So, I went to Seville Classics' website to order extra bags. 

I was happy that they sell extra bags.

  • They sell bags and hangers separate. 
  • They sell bags in sets of 3 each.
  • They sell wire hangers individually (not in pairs).

So I ordered following items:

  • 3 pack of laundry bags - $14.99
  • 1 set of wire handles - $6.99
  • Grand Total - $31.00 (after tax & shipping)

** Updated Dec 2010: They do not sell extra bags and hangers anymore at the company website.

Posted By john

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