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Ah~! the glorious Thanksgiving steak sales

I think I still have about 9 pieces of New York steak in the freezer (vacuum packed).

Then I saw this Ralphs ad on T-bone steak... $3.99/lb is just about the best price you will find anywhere.  Ah~! the glorious Thanksgiving steak sales

Ribeye, New York, and T-Bone each has its own unique taste.  I like steaks with bones.  The bone brings more flavor to the meat.  To me, bone is very important in steaks.

Ralphs Vons flier
Vons has New York steak for $3.77/lb - That's insane


I didn't look at anything else on the fliers.  I have a lot of food already.  Not only that, I went out to shop during my break-time.  I had to go back to work fast.

Oh boy... I have a huge craving for chocolate ice-cream.  I shall go and pick up a pack right now.  I hope they have a sale.  Smile

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Old return policy


Hey, I bought a Dell laptop over two years ago from Costco (ship date is 9/18/2006), does anyone know...: 1. If that was before the new return policies on Laptops. 2. If 1= yes, will I still be able return / exchange my laptop for a newer one? Thanks!

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Costco Shopping November 17, 2008

The major purchase was a Canon Camera.  I bought the camera for somebody.  The camera is not for me.

I've always wanted to try Red Bull, but I find them extremely expensive.  They usually go for ove $2 a can.  With a $6.00 coupon, Costco's Red Bull is about $1.16 a can.  You've gotta love Costco.

I bought a bunch of fruits and vegetables for juice. I need to make juice every day before they go bad.  I love juice, so no problem there. 

I bought a bunch of kitchen items today.  I feel good about it.

I will not buy Pita Chips again.  It's not for me. They are thick and hard.  They don't have enough flavor for me.

After taking picture, I realized that I left out two items.  My salad and 2 pairs of lounge pants were hiding in the corner.

Costco Coupons saved me $69.00.
After shopping, I ate a hotdog & bought gas.
Then I gave rest of the unused coupons to my co-worker.

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Costco Green Tea Brew-Off


Besides coffee, I also enjoy tea.  I currently have 4 different kinds of green tea.  So, I decided to rate my teas.  It's a brew-off.

Check out the cool picture below.

Costco Japanese Green Tea

Green Tea - #2 & #3 are from Costco

Tea Tasted:

  1. Authentic Chinese green tea - from China.  My boss brought it from business trip.  He said it's supposed to be the best green tea in the world.  It's a loose leaf tea.
  2. Biglow Green tea - From Costco.  This green tea is a part of a gift box set.  A big box contains 8 containers shown above.  Above box contains 20 tea bags.  The gift box contains several different kinds of tea.
  3. Kirkland Signature's Japanese Green Tea
  4. Bentley's Green Tea

Bently's Green Tea (4) was cute... but the taste falls far behind contestants 1, 2, and 3.

Biglow's Green Tea (2) is pretty decent.  It has European feel to it.  I may drink it occasionally.  But Kirkland's green tea is definitely better.  I may buy this tea again because the box contains different flavors of quality teas.

Kirkland's Japanese Green Tea is very good - The tea bag is made out of nylon mash for fast infusion.  The tea bag contains a lot of fine powder.  You can feel the powder as you drink.  This is a good tea.  It's yet another proof that you can't go wrong with Kirkland products.  This is why I love Costco.

The best tea of them all was the authentic Chinese green tea.  It almost ties with Kirkland's, but I like Chinese better.  This is loose leaf tea.  Unlike Kirkland's green tea, this Chinese green tea is not powdery.  I loved the taste, but brewing loose leaf tea is a pain. It's definitely not something for people on the go.


I thank Costco for providing such fine products at good price.  Without Costco I wouldn't know what a fine tea should taste like.  I love how Costco improves my life-style.  There was time I thought Lipton's Green Tea was pretty good.  Now, Lipton wouldn't even make this list.  I came a long way.

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Halloween 2008 shopping

I saw a lot of Costco employees in fun costumes today.

I finally found Guinness (beer).  I thought about buying two cases, but I really don't drink too much.  18 cans will last about 6-10 months.

All fruits and vegetables are for morning juice before going to work. Bread is for breakfast sandwich at work.  I'm having salad for lunch tomorrow.

I went overboard with snacks.. I had a huge craving, kill me Yell.

On the way out, I ate a hot-dog and put gas in my car. 

I am happy I finally found Guinness.

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How I like my coffee (chit chat)

I appreciate good coffee.

Good coffee in the morning makes me feel like I can rule the world.

I try not to drink coffee every day (because it's acidic).  I try to drink tea instead.  But, none the less, I drink coffee 2-4 times a week.

I like my coffee hot and black.  To me, coffee should taste like coffee.  I don't put sugar, milk, cinnamon powder, etc... coffee should taste like coffee.  I don't understand people who put a lot of sugar in coffee.  When I taste their coffee, I don't even taste coffee... all I taste is sugar.  So, why don't they just drink sugar water?

I think people put sugar in coffee because they grew up drinking instant coffee (AKA crap).  I believe, in the future, as more people get exposed to good coffee, more people will drink coffee black. 

I don't care too much for flavored coffee in general.  When I drink flavored coffee, I drink for novelty of it.  For example, I drink a lot of flavored coffee during Christmas season. 

Flavored coffee beans are always dry and they lack freshness.  I bet they make flavored coffee from expired coffee beans (just my guess).

I avoid coffee shop as much as possible.  $2.00 for a cup of coffee is too expensive.  25 Cents a cup sounds just about right. 

I can't stand those phony people at coffee shops also. I can go on forever about phony people.  I used to work in Hollywood for five years, you see.

Anyway, I like good coffee. - Cheers -  Cool


Coffees I drink frequently at home & work.

  • Peet's
  • Starbucks
  • Krispi Kreme's

Flavored coffees I have

  • Pumpkin Spice (Newhall)
  • Butterscotch Toffee (Jose's)

Coffee syrups I have

  • Caramel (Jose's)
  • French Vanilla (Jose's)
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October 13 shopping

I made a quick stop at Costco to pick up some coupon items.

I bought M&M and Pumpkin Spice Coffee.  There is no way I can finish that coffee.  I'm going to have to vacuum half a bag and freeze it for next holiday season.  I may have to trash it or give it away.

I'm having Costco salad for lunch tomorrow. Tongue out
I spent less than $50.00 - Coupon saved me $6.50

* I've been going to supermarkets for fruits and vegetables lately.
** You know what they didn't have at Costco today? - Beef Jerky.  I looked everywhere for Beef Jerky or Turkey Jerky.... I couldn't find them.

pumpkin spice coffee

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Costco Addict's Closet

Oh boy.. I just finished ironing... Took me over an hour.

Take a look at my closet.. this is how Costco addict's closet should look like.  Everything you see is from Costco (shirts, pants, even hangers). 

Photographed is my "work clothes" section.  I have a section of casual & lounge-wears from Costco as well.

AS you can see, I have multiple number of identical shirts and pants. 

How do I rotate my work clothes? - Recently ironed shirts and pants are placed on each outer side.  I wear whatever that's in the center of the rack.  So I get to match shirt and pants by random chance. 

Yeah, it's crazy good time.. ZZzz....

Costco shopper's closet

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Day Old Coffee

Sometimes I don't get to finish all the coffee I brew.

When I have left-over coffee, I don't trash it.  I keep it for the next day.

I keep my old coffee in the refrigerator.  Next day, I put some syrup (either French Vanilla or Caramel, depends on the mood) and drink it cold.

I buy coffee syrups from Costco, but it gets a little tricky.

You can purchase coffee syrups ONLY from Jose's booth events.   Jose's sales team will visit your local Costco a few times a year.  We don't shop at Costco everday, so you may not get to see Jose's Booth for years.  You may have to call your local Costco for Jose's schedule.

Costco Iced Coffee

Butterscotch Toffee Coffee from Costco
My recent purchase from Jose's booth event

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2 Coffee Stories

Content deleted

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