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My typical breakfast

This is my typical breakfast.

All food items are from Costco - Multigrain bread, Kirkland Signature ham, American cheese, and some Olives.

The container that holds olives are also from Costco.

Costco Breakfast Sandwich

Posted By john

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Costco Coupons on Ebay - A lot of them


Have you visited Ebay and searched for "Costco Coupons"? (here)

There are hundreds of Costco Coupons on auction.

I think it's wrong to sell Costco Coupons on Ebay.  I mean, isn't that illegal? (I guess not)  Anyway, it's a sneaky way to make money.  Also, I bet there are some people making a lot of money selling Costco Coupons this way. I bet there are a lot of Costco employees selling coupons in person and/or online.

Here's a tip.

If you see a good Costco coupon on Ebay auction and you don't have that coupon?  Go to Costco and see if they have a coupon.  If they are out of Costco Coupons, then ask them if they can give you the coupon discount (that you never received Costco coupon on this round)

Sometimes I go to Costco and realize that some people have coupons in their hands.  I always go to the customer service desk and ask for coupons.  Sometimes they have some left.  sometimes they are out of Costco Coupons.

Try not to buy Costco coupons from Ebay when they can be available to you at Costco service desk.  I just don't feel selling coupons is right.  I can't believe Ebay is allowing people to do this.

But, at the same time, I guess I would pay $20.00 for a coupon that will save me $100.00 on a big screen TV.  Supply and demand, I guess.

Posted By john

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You don't compare Costco with a dollar store!

Whenever I see people talking about Costco, there are always people saying "I get similar items at dollar stores" or "I get better price at 99 Cents only stores".

I don't understand what these people are thinking.  You simply cannot Compare Costco with dollar stores.

Obviously these people never used Kirkland Signature products.  They don't know about higher level of life-style we are enjoying because of Costco.

Costco elevates my life-style.  It makes me to enjoy items that only rich people can afford.  I buy jumbo shrimps, imported beers, and organic soy milk, and much more.  I would never afford those items if there was no Costco.

Dollar store's fruits and vegetables are not usable.  I feel sorry that some people must eat those to save money.  Fruits and Vegetables from Costco are far superior in quality compared to any supermarket products.  

I shop at 99 Cents only stores frequently.  I like 99 Cents only stores too.  I buy instant noodles, candies, and miscellaneous items from 99 Cents only stores.  But 99 Cents store will not replace Costco.

You don't compare Costco with Dollar stores.  Some people have no idea what they are missing out. 

Posted By john

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All out with a coupon book

I didn't go to Costco for about 1 month.  My refrigerator was almost empty.  Then the new coupon book came out.  The coupon book featured all kinds of staple items.  It was my chance to stock up.  I knew it was going to be painful to my wallet.  I thought, I might as well enjoy.

The coupons saved me $38.25
Costco Coupons
Costco Coupons

Costco Shopping Cart
Shopping Cart - Costco

costco items

Costco Receipt

Posted By john

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How to calculate "Per Pound" "Per Item"


This is one example on how to use your smartphone calculator at stores for smart shopping.

Let's suppose:

  • 6 pack of soda is $6.00
  • 12 pack of soda is $13.00

What is more economical?

The answer is 6 pack of soda at $6.00 - Because you can buy two 6 packs and pay $12.00.  You save $1.00 by NOT buying 12 pack  at $13.
You can do this calculation in your head.

But, in the real world, stores will trick you with complicated price structures.

For example - more realistic this time.

  1. 4 lbs of rice is $3.75
  2. 9 lbs of rice is $7.95

How do I know which is a better buy?

This is when you use a calculator to figure out "Per pound" price.

When you do this kind calculation, there is one rule to remember "Money comes first" So, instead of saying 4lb of rice is $3.75, you should say for $3.75 I get 4lb of rice. put money first in your sentence.  And use calculator like how you say it.

  1. For $3.75 you get 4lbs of rice.
    Calculator:   3.75 ÷ 4 =
    Answer $.937 per pound.
  2. For $7.95 you get 9lbs of rice.
    Calculator:   7.95 ÷ 9 =
    Answer:  $.883 per pound

So, it is more economical if you buy 9lb bag.

Posted By john

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Fruit and Nut Medley

I try to eat healthy.  So, instead of candy, I try to eat Fruit & Nut Medley by Kirkland Signature. 

Fruit and nut Kirkland

Fruit and Nut Medley comes in a 56oz bag for $12.28

It contains following food items.

  • Peanuts
  • Almonds
  • Walnuts
  • Apples
  • Kiwi
  • Mangoes
  • Papaya
  • Pineapples
  • Strawberries
  • Bananas
  • Cherries
  • Golden Raisins

It's Kirkland Signature (good quality food) I enjoy them too much.

Posted By john

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2 Pancake Mixes - Regular & Fancy

Costco carries 2 pancake mixes.

  • Coach's Oats - MultiGrain Pancake Mix
    4 pound - $7.79     $1.95 per pound
    Fancy grains, need to mix egg & water.
  • Krusteaz - Buttermilk
    10 pound - $5.49    $0.55 per pound
    Regular mix (still very good) - just add water.
  • Syrup used - Kirkland Signature Maple Syrup - $19.79

costco pancake mix
2 pancake mixes from Costco

I didn't know which pancake mix to purchase, so I got them both.  But, clearly, I had a higher expectation on the expensive yet smaller pancake mix by Coach's Oats.  Per pound, the Multi Grain Pancake Mix was 4 times more expensive than Buttermilk.

Krusteaz Buttermilk (cheaper, bigger one) has a classic pancake house taste.  This is a solid, good pancake.  You will not miss out on anything.

Coach's Multigrain Pancake mix is different.  You may find this too fancy for your taste.  I can tell this pancake mix is high class with a lot of grain.  It's grainy and breaks down easily.  This doesn't have that classic taste.  It's a very good pancake mix.  It's richer and fancier compared to  Buttermilk.  But if you are craving for that classic pancake-house taste, this is not for you. 

Personally, I am happy I got them both.  My next purchase will be the 10 Pounder (cheaper).   I like the price, taste, and the fact that it doesn't require egg to prepare.

Update (May 24, 2011)

I don't always see Coach's Oats pancake mix at Costco.  But they periodically bring them back in stock.  So, watch closely when you are at Costco.

Posted By john

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Costco Tote Bag, shopping bag

Costco tote bags are must have item.  If you don't own them, you are missing out.  I mean, you are missing out big time.

They sell three bags for less than $5.00.  It's roughly $1.50/bag.

At first, I thought Costco's tote bags were supposed to be free for the members.  But if you really think about it $1.50 for a bag is a steal.

Costco Tote Back, shopping
Costco Tote-Bag. Simple design with hand straps and shoulder straps

Refer to above image.  Those three bags contain following items (carrots (10lb), potato (10lb), large watermelon, lemon (5lb), beef jerky (x2), cereal, bread (x2), shampoo, vitamins (x2), yogurt (18pk), tuna (16pk)

With Costco tote bags, a fit person can carry all those items in one trip (I did).  Try doing this with any other shopping bags or boxes from Costco.  It's impossible to carry all that with conventional methods.  It's well worth of investing a few Dollars on these bags.  If you live in an apartment this is a must.

I bring these bags to Costco when I shop, so the cashiers would put items in the bag.

Show this bag to your family and friends, I guarantee they would like to have some too.  I've already given them out.  I had to buy some more.
Below is why I like Costco tote bags.

  • Convenient 
  • Save time
  • Help saving environment
  • Less trash piling at home
  • Of course, they can be used to carry items from different stores

OK? - Buy some


Posted By john

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