Oh, no…. (car trouble)

* update below

Oh no…  🙁

My car is at the shop right now.
I couldn’t start my car.
If I start it, then engine will not stay idle (it dies).

First I took it to local Firestone, but they gave up.
I mean, after 2 hours, they told me "I’m sorry, we tried"
I still had to pay $25.00 for diagnose.

So, I called the towing truck.  I don’t have AAA, so I spent $50 (+ $10 tip).  I towed it to Toyota independent dealer.

They will call me tomorrow with estimate.  They will charge $83.00 just to look at my car.  So, I am guaranteed to spend $168.00.  Then I will pay for repair.  So, I will be lucky if I spend $300.00 total.

So, what can I do? I will pay whatever they estimate.  If they estimate $300.00, I will pay $300.00.  If they estimate $900.00, I will pay $900.00.

I hate this… I feel vulnerable.

I was too distracted that I forgot to bring my camera.
So, I don’t even have pictures to share.

What a day… I hope I don’t spend too much money tomorrow.
I hope they will be able to fix my car GOOD.

FYI: I have 2002 Toyota Camry, and it’s been good to me so far.


* Update

They replaced starter & flushed fuel injection system.  With towing and everything, I spent total $578.51.   I am sick to my stomach.

With thanksgiving & christmas shopping… I think I spend more money this month than I make.  This is why I have savings account, but it’s painful.

* Update #2

4 days after the incident.  I went back to the local Firestone.  And got $24.99 refunded – because they didn’t fix my car.  So, I spent total $553.52.