Back in the day…

Here’s a missing piece of puzzle of my life

I still have a crate full of old school Hip Hop (rap) records.  Most of them are about 20 years old.  Back then, Hip Hop was underground, so I had to borrow my father’s car and drive to Los Angeles to look for records.

Old School Hip Hop Records

I used to tune my Radio to AM 1580 at night.  If I get lucky, I would get a faint reception.  Oh, how I enjoyed listening to Greg Mack, the Mack Attack.

Then, late 80’s, Rap turned mainstream.  I even saw the gang from Saved By the Bell rapping.  That’s when I completely stopped listening to rap music.

They used to have some good Hip Hop music back then. 

I had 2 turn tables and a cheap Realistic mixer from RadioShack.  I had fun making my own mix tape.  I made very little money doing DJs for parties as well.  I didn’t DJ too much, because I was what they called a "Sucker DJ" ha ha..

I found this mix from YouTube – below is the kind of music I used to listen to.  Good time…

Online Shopping

* 45th packages of the year

I got a set of sport earphones for running (I started to workout last week, so..).  You may wonder why I have disinfecting wipes out there.  It’s because I bought open-boxed earphones.  So, I gave them a good wipe. 

I ran today. These earphone held up pretty well.  I like them.




Ironing Shirts

This is me ironing Cool

I shot this video to supplement my past product review on Polder Ironing board.  I shot this video to demonstrate that we need flat end of the board.   Most ironing boards now have stupid cup holders to block access to the flat end. 

When will they learn?

(Excuse my poor video quality.  That’s all I can do)

** PS. Someone told me I iron in strange way. But, I never saw anyone else ironing before in my life.  I mean, I never paid attention.  So I came up with my own method.  I think my way is the best way.  Look, I ironed 2 shirts in 5 minutes.  If there is a faster way I would really like to know.

Ironing Board Polder, Costco
Left: Polder Ironing board that I returned

Ecco Shoes, Hamburger Phone…

* 42, 43rd packages of the year

I bought a pair of ecco.  It was the most expensive pair of shoes I ever bought in my life ($150.00).  Also, they were the cheapest pair of ecco shoes I could find. 

CostcogirlinVA introduced me to ecco.  I didn’t know about ecco before she mentioned the name.  I think they were exactly what I needed.  So, I got a pair.

They are good shoes.  They fit well.

Thank you costcogirlinVA.

ecco shoes

These are my "everyday" shoes.  Ready to get trashed.

Hamburger Phone

I finally watched Juno.  This is the hamburger phone from the movie.  It was less than $12.00 from ebay

Picture Diary

I went to lunch with my regular lunch buddy.  We went to this Pizza joint?  They had "Unlimited Topping" pizza.

So I ordered double anchovies and mushrooms.

It was a good looking restaurant.

pizza joint

At work, somebody’s keep pumping up the air conditioner after lunch.  I mean, I was so freakin’ cold.  Today, I had to wear a fuzzy jacket and gloves when it’s almost 80 degrees outside.

This is why I have to wear leg warmers at work. 

This is why some people hate America…


My Typical Lunch Hour – Maury Show

I live in the same city block as my work.  From my apartment, I can run to my work in 90 seconds. But I drive every single day.  I drive because it’s the American way. Smile

Because I live so close to my work, I have a lot of options on what I can do on my lunch time. 

During my lunch time, I would…

  • eat out with my co-worker.
  • take 90 minute lunch and do laundry.
  • I don’t eat but I would sleep for 1 hour.
  • go to Costco

Then there is Maury

I hate to admit, but I love Maury Show.  I especially enjoy DNA test episodes. Sometimes I check TV schedule for Maury episodes.

As soon as I get home, I change into loungewear.  And I go about my lunch routine as I watch Maury Show.

You never know what’s going to happen on DNA results.  I love it.  It’s fun because it’s not me sitting there (you know what I mean).

It’s not just the guests who are fun to watch.  I love how the audience react when they hear unexpected results.  I would LOVE to be there.

"You ARE the father~!" ha ha…  Good time

Maury Paternity Test — 10 Best Paternity Reactions

Bonus Clip

Costco Shopping

* Today’s Costco shopping: 17th time this year, 4rd time this month

I ran out of apples, so I went to Costco for some quick refill.

It was getting late after Costco shopping, so I looked at my coupon wallet and found an El Pollo Loco coupon.  Below dinner was only $2.99.  It’s so hard not to eat out when I can take care of dinner so easy, fast, and cheap.

When did this happen? McDonald’s Nutritional Fact

I went to McDonald’s for lunch today.

I had Filet O Fish & 6 pieces of Chicken McNuggets (& no soda)

My Coworker had a 1/4 Pound Burger Value Pack.

I looked at the bottom sides of the boxes and saw nutritional facts.  This was the first time seeing nutritional facts on any fast food containers.

Anyway, I ate 660 kCal (plus honey mustard) while my coworker ate over 1400 kCal.

My lunch (without soda) was $6.42.  That’s a lot of money.  I remember I used to go to McDonald’s to save money.

McDonald's Nutritional Fact

The Week I Ate The Most Amount Of Fat

I believe I ate the most amount of fat (greasy food) last week.

  • I ate 8 pieces of Popeys chicken – that’s a whole chicken.
  • I had 4 pieces of KFC chicken
  • I went to Carl’s Jr for a burger and fries
  • I had two big slices of anchovy pizza & salad.
  • I also had a double chili cheese burger with fries

I need to try very hard to fight the temptation.  I keep thinking "just once" or "It’s OK I will work out"

This is bad, bad…  I am definitely fatter than last year.  

I drink juice every morning.  I think I get about 2-3 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.  But… look at some of the things I ate past week.  I don’t have pictures of Popeyes Chicken (I went twice and ate 4 pieces each time).

FYI: Normally, I eat about 2 pieces of fried chicken a month.
FYI: I currently wear 32" waist pants – But I know I’m bigger than 32.

But I tell you what.  I enjoyed every single bite of them.  I don’t normally drink sodas (to save money & etc).  So, when you see me with soda, you know I am really enjoying my meal. (especially for lunch – because I have soda at work).

Costco Shopping – April 19, 2009

* Today’s Costco shopping: 16th time this year, 3rd time this month

I had a meeting with a customer. I drove by Simi Valley Costco, so…  I had to drop by to see what they have.  Different Costco stores have different items in stock.  If you go to a Costco in rich neighborhood, you will find more fancier & expensive items.  Maybe I’m wrong about that theory, but that’s what I believe.  Different Costco carries different items.

Back to shopping:

Mm.. yes, I bought another pair of Adidas running shoes from Costco. But, these are running shoes.  Oxnard Costco didn’t have these.  I needed those shoes to replace my 5 years old gym shoes. I swear, my existing gym shoes are pretty beat up. 

They were only $28.99/pair. They are very light and designed for running.  With these shoes, I will workout every day and live forever.  It would be stupid not to buy at this price. Embarassed

That’s it. I’m done with sneakers.

I spent $43.45 at Simi Valley Costco.

adidas running shoes costco

Costco’s Adidas running shoes

Costco Shopping – April 14, 2009

* Today’s Costco shopping: 15th time this year, 2nd time this month

Ah~~  So busy.  Last night to work on my tax.

First of all, I got my tire fixed.

I bought a pair of Adidas.  I couldn’t resist at the price tag of $29.99. It was the first time seeing Adidas at Costco.  What’s the chance?  I was thinking about buying a pair of Adidas so I can get back to my co-worker. Here are my stories on sneakers.

I bought a swimming trunk. You see, I never get out.  I didn’t swim in last 10 years or so.  I do think about taking vacations here and there..  mm.. we’ll see.

I have money and time for vacation.  I have 4 weeks of vacation time backed up.  My accounting lady’s been telling me to take vacation for over 1 year now.  The thing is that I don’t need vacation.  I am pretty relaxed and happy at work.  There is no stress.  If I meet right kind of friend I shall enjoy traveling.  But, for now, alone… I’m happy without vacation.

I have a full box of Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal.  I really like HBO, but I thought it would be better if I mix it with Costco’s Raisin Bran.

Kirkland Signature’s AAA batteries are the best.  I brought a $2.00 off coupon for Duracell batteries, but Kirkland Signature’s batteries were a lot better deal without coupon.

I spent $120.00.  I saved $18.00 with coupons. Then I put 12.65 Gallons of gas for $27.82 ($2.199/g)

Costco Shopping

Costco Cereals
50/50 mix of Honey Bunches of Oats & Kirkland Signature Organin Raisin Bran with Soy Milk.  This is my favorite combination so far.

Another Flat Tire In 3 Months~! :(

Gag me with a spoon. I have a flat tire.

I bought 4 tires from Costco about 4 months ago.
Then I had a flat tire three months ago.

Today, I took a short break to practice my Chin Ups and found out my car has a flat tire. Again~!!  This time it’s the rear right side.

Oh, my beautiful Costco tire.. CryCry
Well, Costco didn’t make the tires.  I just bought them from Costco.  To be honest, I don’t even remember the brand name of my tires.  All I know is that they are from Costco and Costco will take care of them.


There was an AAA towing truck waiting for me.  He knew the owner would come out sooner or later.  He asked me if I wanted his service.  I told him "no".  Then he moved on.

I quickly replaced the tire with a spare.  Replacing tire is easy if you have right tools.

** Make sure you have right tools to replace tires on your own.  Do not assume your cellular phone will save the day.  If you have never replaced a tire before you should try and see if you can do it.  If you are a small person it will be almost impossible to unfasten the lug nuts with the wrench that comes with your car.  You may have to buy a wrench like mine (below).  You may need a better jack as well.

Above Jack and Lug Nut Wrench are NOT Toyota’s stock supply. 
Large Lug Nut Wrench & a good jack are must have items.

The tire laying flat on the ground is a spare.
My spare is a fully maintained brand new tire.

*  I have a big shopping to do at Costco tomorrow, so I will check it in tomorrow.