Phony People With Coffee Mugs At Farmers Market

I go to local farmers market every Saturday morning.  I buy fruits, vegetables, bread, and a lemon (I like to put a slice of lemon in my water).

I wake up around 8am and splash some water on my face before I head out to the market.  I usually wear the same shirt that I wore in the bed.

I seldom see some phony people at my farmers market.

I see some people obviously made up for the occasion.  I mean, they wear lounge-wear, but they look perfect.  Their hair look semi-messy, but the hair would maintain perfect shape and volume.

And they ALWAYS carry coffee mugs.

Come on guys, we don’t use shopping cart at farmers market.  We carry stuff in our hands.  If anything, we need extra hand.  Why bring coffee mug to the farmers market?

I guess they enjoy looking hip and trendy at farmers market.  But, to true farmers market shoppers like me, they are pretentious and annoying.