PureGuardian Humidifier, 2-pack

I suffer from dry skin every winter. I try to use lotion whenever I can to relieve my itchy skin.

So, this time I will try a humidifier. Perhaps humidifiers will solve my dry skin problem. Costco has these 2 pack humidifiers from PureGuardian. There was a $15 discount at the time of my purchase, so I paid $64.99 plus tax.  $32.50 each is the best price anywhere. 

I put one humidifier in the kitchen and the other one in my master bedroom. I had them for a few days now. And my dry skin condition had completely disappeared since then. But I am not sure if I am seeing the benefit of humidifiers or if there had been changes in the weather.

I shall give it time and see. I will update you.