Quick Updates

I’m still very busy

Let me do a quick update.

  • I am busy
  • I see very tiny basil plants budding out from the pot.
  • I met one girl from a dating website.  I met her once and I stopped seeing her.  In 2 days, she wrote me 25 emails and called me 3 times.  Each email was very long.  I am still kicking myself that I invited her to my place.  She knows where I live. 
  • I joined 3 dating websites.  It’s a desperate time, I need to change my profile title to "Personal Hygiene Not Important"
  • My ex coworker got a job at Guitar Center (corporate office).  This can be significant.  I may be able to buy all the guitars I want CHEAP.
  • I went to Costco, but I didn’t buy anything fancy.
  • My kitchen sink was clogged.  So, I went under the sink and ran 25" snake through it.   It was horrible.. the smell…  but drain is unclogged.
  • I am trying to play "Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo" with my guitar.
  • For the first time this year, I made more money than I spent.  We may be at the turning point.  Please send positive energy to my way.  I am totally wiped out.  I just want to sleep day and night.
  • I am still having fun.  I feel positive.  I am tired, but not sick.
  • I love the girl who says "Ride that spicy chicken" at Jack in the Box commercial.