Buying a Refrigerator 2018 – Costco Shopping #50

50th Costco shopping in 2018 – $1,051.04 (today) / $4.327.55 (this year)

My refrigerator died at the worst possible time, while I was on 7 day vacation.

When I came back home from the vacation, inside of my freezer was in room temperature.  All my food had to be trashed.  I always keep my freezer full with rib-eye steaks, jumbo shrimps, fish, bacon, etc, etc…   But it’s OK.  It happens.  Refrigerator dies. What can I do?

Luckily, before taking trip, I took out the ice bucket and turned off the ice machine, so I didn’t have any water damage on the kitchen floor.

Yes, I actually thought about “What if my refrigerator dies while I’m away for seven days?”  I also shut off the main water supply to my house just in case there is a water leak in the house.

Shopping for a refrigerator.

My criteria for a new refrigerator:

  • Find the cheapest full size unit.  I refuse to buy expensive refrigerator, because refrigerators die.  I don’t believe in paying $500 to fix a 10 years old refrigerator.  I will pay $500 more and buy a new one with current technology.
  • Find a unit with good reviews.
  • I like side by side refrigerators.  I don’t like freezer on top.  I don’t like freezer on the bottom.  I don’t like French door.  People with different life-style prefer different door configurations, so side by side refrigerators may not work for you.  Personally, I cannot imagine myself bending over every single time I use a freezer.  As a single man, I freeze a lot of food.  I use both freezer and refrigerator equally.  I must have a side by side unit.
  • I like stainless steel – I understand stainless steel will show fingerprints.  But, I never touch my refrigerator except for the handles.  It will be my pleasure to clean the face of my refrigerator once in a while (with Windex – according to Martha Stewart).  Stainless steel will look the best in my kitchen.

I spent several hours researching refrigerators.

And, guess what?  Costco has the best price on refrigerators.

Basically, price on refrigerators is almost universal.  You can buy from anywhere and you will pay similar.  But, there are distinctive advantages on buying from Costco.  They are:

  • Costco is slightly cheaper – pretty much on all units.
  • You get Costco cash back reward from your purchase.
  • (In my case) I get 2 years warranty, extended by Costco, instead of usual 1 year warranty from any other stores.
  • They haul away my old unit for free – some may charge $20 – $25 for this.
  • They will hook up water line for free – some may charge extra for this.

*If you are in a hurry – relax and just buy from Costco.

I ordered GE 25.4 CuFt Side-By-Side Refrigerator in Stainless Steel.  Total price was $1,051.04

I hope delivery process will be smooth. I will update you.