OMG. No Costco Bags (Tote Bags)

OK, it's time to panic.

They are out of Costco Grocery Bags (large reusable grocery bags)
I looked for Costco Bags at Valencia Costco & Oxnard Costco.
They didn't have them.

I always give out my Costco Bags - people love those bags.
I only have 3 in my trunk and I need more.
I don't know if they are going to re-stock them or if this is the end of it.

I need to ask my Costco guy
(looking for his email address...)


PS. I went to Costco with my female friend the other day.  We shared the cart and she bought a lot of stuff.  It would have been perfect if I put her stuff in my tote bags for her.  But, no, I told her "Sorry, I wish I could give you these bags, but..."  How lame was that?

PPS. August 1, 2010: I received a message from a Costco shopper in Arizona.  She couldn't find Costco shopping bags there in Arizona as well.

PPPS. August 7, 2010 - People started to inform me about new kind of Costco shopping bags.  They say a bundle contains 3 bags; 1 large, 1 large (insulated), and one smaller.

 Large Reusable Grocery Bags
Large reusable grocery bags from Costco





Why didn't you just go over to the bin and get a box for her? What did she say next when you told her she can't use your bags?

By guest (not verified)

When I realized I didn't have enough bags, we were already at my place.

I already gave her 2-3 bags earlier, and she was keeping all her bags at her place (rather than keeping them in her car Sealed).  It was awkward for her to take my last Costco bags.  It was awkward for me to surrender last of my Costco bags too.

It was little awkward but it was OK.  She said "No, no... it's OK, I should have brought the bags you gave me".

Anyway, all this could have been avoided if Costco bags were not sold out Embarassed

By john

When was the last time you saw Costco carry them? I haven't seen them ever. So she still has your Costco bags?

By guest (not verified)

Yes, she has a few Costco bags I gave her (I gave her to keep). I think she has at least 3 Costco bags.

Last time I saw Costco bags was the last time I bought them... so it was exactly Jan 29, 2010 (6 months ago).

By john

I just saw someone with one of those bags yesterday at Costco. But none available to purchase.

By guest (not verified)

The Costco's out here in Pittsburgh used to carry these as well and now stock a different variant of the tote bags. It's still a 3-pack but instead of being 3 of the same (very large) totes, it's now one of them, a second that's basically the same size but has insulation and a zipper to close it, plus a third uninsulated one that's quite a bit smaller.

By guest (not verified)

Thank you for the information.

Insulated bag makes sense. I buy good amount of cold food at Costco. I can't wait to find them at my Costco.

Thank you very much.
Have a good weekend.


By john

I found them at my costco, never seen them before, so I was pleased. Indeed, there is a 3 pack with one of them being insulated. $5.69 for the 3-pack. It seems the shipment from your costco got redirected to mine....JK

By guest (not verified)


That's messed up.
I went to Costco 3 days ago, just to check on those bags.

I guess I will see them sooner or

Thank you for letting me know.

By john

I asked the person managing the checkout at the Costco in Oak Brook Il and she said they no longer carried them.

By guest (not verified)

Costco discontinued these bags due to insufficient could that be? These bags rock! Anyway, I was at IKEA and they sell for $0.59 the EXACT same bag in plain, unpainted blue tarp material!!! HALLEHLUIA! For the love of God, I'm not a spammer, nor do I work at IKEA, but the fact that Costco had the gaul to discontinue this bag I was so excited to find that the bags are still made and sold elsewhere...I wanted to share with others who were also bummed about Costco's regretful decision.

By guest (not verified)

Ouch. I am disappointed. Now when I see someone with them at Costco, I'll be in bag envy! :(

By guest (not verified)

Are the costco bags insulated at all? Or are they exactly like the blue tarp style bags from ikea?

By guest (not verified)

Ones I have are not insulated. They are like IKEA bags.

Some Costco warehouses carried insulated bags.

By john

I saw the frozen reusable bags at my store, but not the cool tote bags.

By guest (not verified)

I just found the bags again at my Costco in St. Louis after more than a year. Now they are made a little differently ... it has extra flaps for strenghth on the inside but those make it more difficult to fold up the bag. But the main thing I am disappointed with is now instead of there being two sets of handles, a short one and a long one, there is only one set of short handles.

By Robyn

Hm.. interesting. I need those long shoulder straps. They are really practical.

Thank you. Happy new year.

By john

Yay, just found them in the paper plates, and cup aisle!!!!

By guest (not verified)