Ruta Maya® Organic Cubita® Coffee Dark Roast – Better than Starbucks

This is official. Cubita coffee is far better than Starbucks French Roast. This is my personal opinion, so do not trust me 100% or get angry at me. But I cannot drink Starbucks anymore. It’s that good. Honestly.

As far as I’m concern, I will no longer purchase Starbucks French Roast. I have finally found a replacement for Starbucks French Roast. Unfortunately, I’ll have to spend more money. For that, I learned to make less coffee. I used to make 2.5 cups of coffee every day. Now I make 2 cups of coffee every day. 

(Below is my older post from a week ago )


I’ve been searching for the coffee that will replace Starbucks for a few years.

One of my visitors informed me about Ruta Maya® Organic Cubita® Coffee. You can only buy them from the Costco website, not at the warehouse. Amazon also sells them, but they are very expensive there.

This coffee is excellent.  It’s strong and smooth (not bitter). Starbucks French Roast is bitter.