Salute To 99 Cents Only Store

99 Cents only store is not just for poor people.   Yes I wouldn’t buy most of the products they sell.   But, I frequently find good stuff at 99 Cents Only Stores.

For example, below is from January 2011.

I bought 4 Coca Cola cups – Look at them, they are adorable.  They are genuine Coca Cola products made in The USA.

I also bought 8 boxes of Wasa flat-breads.  They normally go for $3 or more at world market & etc..  I love their new rosemary flat bread.

If you watch your diet, then check out WASA products.  Some flat breads have 0 fat and very low Calories.

I like 99 Cents Only Stores for providing low priced products to people who cannot afford expensive stuff.  Several years ago, I bought most of my stuff from 99 Cents Only Stores.  Who cares if they look ugly.  I simply couldn’t afford anything else.

To me, 99 Cents Only Store will always be the big brother who helped me out when the time was tough.  They are still one of my favorite stores.

Here’s my salute to 99 Cents Only Stores and good people who work there.