Garage Sale – New Saturday Coffee Mug

I never miss going to garage sales Saturday morning. Garage sales are fun.

Sometimes I make spectacular finds. I didn’t find anything fancy today. I spent about $3. But it was still fun.

Last year I bought a Muffin book for ¢25. I’ve been looking for a muffin pan since then. Today, I finally found a clean muffin pan for ¢25. I could have bought a brand new muffin pan, of course. But that’s not the point. It’s fun because I found it after a long search.

I will make muffins now.

I didn’t find anything at the next house. They had nothing but kid’s stuff. As I quickly turned and started to walk away, I noticed a small lemonade table on the side. A pair of a boy and a girl were sitting quietly with a pitcher of lemonade. There were a lot of people, but nobody cared for lemonade. I don’t care for lemonade. In fact, I avoid water as part of my garage sales routine. So, I don’t have to stop for the restroom.

Anyway, the kids looked sad and discouraged. “There will be more people coming.. it’s gonna get hotter soon”. The mother wiped the little girl’s tears.

I bought the dang lemonade for ¢50.

I bought a box of jigsaw puzzles for my coworker (¢50). I know the tallest guy at my work. He must be close to 7 feet tall. He likes jigsaw puzzles. A few months ago, he came to work on a wheelchair. He said he had to wait and see if he could ever walk again. Then he stopped coming to work for about a month.. then he came back. He can now walk again with a cane.

At the last stop, I found a coffee mug from Denny’s restaurant. It was only ¢25, so I grabbed it. I continued looking around but couldn’t find anything. When I was done and ready to pay, she said, “You can have the mug. You don’t have to pay.” with a smile.

I know why she didn’t take my money. It’s because I looked pathetic. When I go to garage sales, I make sure to wear faded clothes and dirty shoes. I don’t wash my face. I also wear a stupid hat for an extra touch.

This Denny’s coffee mug became my new Saturday coffee mug. I will enjoy this mug for many years. These are being sold on eBay at $18+.

I took the below picture 3 weeks ago at Denny’s the night I drove out to see The Milky Way Galaxy. On the way back, we went to Denny’s past midnight for food and restroom. Their coffee mug made me feel sentimental. So I took a picture. Now I have the mug. 🙂

Talk to you later.
2-4-6-8 mofos.

Denny's restaurant coffee mug