Glorious Sunday Morning Costco Shopping

26th Costco shopping in 2018 – $26.47 (today) / $1530.92 (this year)

Sunday morning is my favorite time of the week.  I like to start Sunday morning with a load of white laundry.  Sound and smell of laundry (bleach) make my house feel cozy and homey.  It’s fun to iron a few shirts and pants, too.

I also enjoy Sunday morning Costco shopping once in a while, especially when I need car wash.  My goal is to come back home before noon, so I can start my laundry.  Today, I went for a glorious Sunday morning Costco shopping.

First, I did my car wash.  Then I pulled up to a far empty corner of the parking lot to wipe down my car.  There were already several folks doing the same thing… quietly wiping down their cars on Sunday morning.

I bought a bag of power greens and a rotisserie chicken. A can of peanuts was an impulse buy (yum).

Back at my car, at the parking lot, I saw a tiny lady loading her car.  I asked her if she wanted hands with her 40 pack of drinking water.  “Yes, yes, please…” she said.  I put my stuff in my car as well. Then I went back to the food court.

I set in the shade and took my time eating a hot dog.  I came back home before noon and started my laundry.

I love Sunday morning.  Costco shopping was glorious.

Sunday Morning Costco Shopping, Car Wash, Hotdog

Costco Car Wash Receipt

Costco Hotdog Receipt