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This blog post is for US residents only. is a US government social security website. It shows how much you made in the past and shows how much social security benefit you will receive when you retire.

Depends on how long you live and how much you made in the past, you might receive well over $100k. It is very important that you have the access to your own social security data. Knowledge is power. This website provides me with a vital piece of information pertaining to my retirement.

I strongly recommend everyone to register at (if you haven’t). I hope this will give you a fresh outlook on your retirement and financing.

In the past, it was absolutely impossible for me to register at They would ask security questions that were impossible to answer. They rejected me every time I tried to register. So, I kept copies of all their security questions along with my wrong answers so I would try different answers. I’ve been trying that for a few years with no luck. I gave up at one point.

Then, they recently updated their website with the new registration process. Finally, I could register the website rather easily. Now I have a better feel of my retirement. I can check and make sure there are no errors in my records. Also, I may know if somebody uses my social security number to get a job – or even worse (I cannot think of any specific scenarios – but I am sure there are nightmare stories).

I think I will retire at 70 years old. But if I can, I would like to retire sooner. I enjoy working in an office environment. Everything about office work is sexy and exciting. I love dressing up for work. I enjoy waking up early when I feel sleepy and miserable. I feel alive, and it’s so much fun. I just like to work fewer hours. I would like to spend more time on myself.