Raffle – Superfood Veggie Cakes – $60 Value

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Raffle has ended. Winner was notified and currently waiting for email confirmation.

Raffle winner will receive 48 packs of Superfood Veggie Cakes, $60 value.
Continental US only – they are frozen food.

Garden Lites makes healthy, gluten free, allergy friendly, frozen food.  Their muffins and Superfood Veggie Cakes are being sold in Costco nationwide. Their products are tasty and enjoyable.

Superfood Veggie Cakes are frozen vegetable cakes that you microwave. They are single servings of vegetable cake(quiche) that you eat warm. Please see pictures.

I eat Superfood Veggie Cakes in two main occasions.  First, I eat Veggie Cakes when I run super late that I don’t have 10-15 minutes in the morning to make Vitamix juice.  Superfood Veggie Cakes takes only a few minutes start to finish (opening of the refrigerator door to burping).  Second, sometimes I feel hungry at night.  I crave for something.  But, I refuse to eat a bowl of ice cream or a bag of Cheetos in the middle of the night. I want something light, fast, and satisfying,  That’s when I eat a Superfood Veggie Cake.  Additionally, I eat Superfood Veggie Cake whenever I feel like.

I had a bad cold last month.  I was sick and didn’t feel like cooking and anything else.  Really, I had no will to live.  Superfood Veggie Cakes came it handy while I was sick. They were much better than instant noodles.

If you are interested, visit their official page for more information – Superfood Veggie Cakes, or look for them at your local Costco warehouse.

Win 48 packs of Superfood Veggie Cakes – $60 Value
That’s a lot of yum.

Good folks at Garden Lites will send 48 packs of Superfood Veggie Cakes to a raffle winner. Good lcuck~!!

How to enter for raffle

To enter Superfood Veggie Cakes raffle, go to my contact page and send me a simple email.  Enter your name, email address, and write “Superfood Veggie Cakes” on comment section.  I will contact the winner around mid June, and announce the winner on my blog as well. If I don’t hear back from you in a week, I will pick an alternate winner.

*Please read below

  • Products will arrive cold in foam box with ice.  Enter only if you are able to check your mail promptly.
  • Winner’s privacy will be protected. I will not share your last name, your email address, and name of your city you are located.
  • I am not a professional raffle person.  I will do my best to be fair and accurate.  But, I do not take any responsibility for errors or mistakes. So, don’t be hatin’.

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