Costco Shopping – December 19, 2018


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54th Costco shopping in 2018 – $33.68 (today) / $4621.25 (this year)

I bought a box of Christmas cards in 2009 at Costco (blog). I still have the box with 5 cards left. So, I am literally using this box of card for over a decade. It is bitter-sweet to look back at my blog from 2019.

Today I bought a box of 40 beautiful Christmas cards for $7.97. When I’m done with these cards, I will be in my 60’s (if I’m still alive). Imagine that.

Bag of Doritos was for my coworker who loves Doritos. He was very happy to see this bag on his desk. I told him NOT to share with anyone. I told him to take it home and enjoy it alone – which he did.