Costco Shopping – January 8, 2019


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1st Costco shopping in 2019 – $223.96 (today) / $ 204.26 (this year)
1 item returned On Jan 11 ($19.70)

Novaform Evencor Gel-Plus 3 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper – Queen. Costco item #8816226. $109.99 (after $30.00 savings).

I have a guest bedroom that I call it “the nap room”. I take nap in my nap room almost every Sunday afternoon. I truly enjoy and treasure my nap time there. My Sunday nap is very satisfying and enjoyable. I often wonder why I get such amazing sleep in my nap room while sleeping in my master bedroom is just OK.

In my nap room, I have a memory foam mattress topper. It was given by my friend. I thought maybe a mattress topper in my master bedroom will improve quality of my sleep. So, I bought a mattress topper for master bedroom. I shall try and find out

Weider Prime Testosterone Support (Costco Item #886740) was intriguing to me. Since Costco is selling them I thought it was worth of trying. I am pretty healthy that I really don’t need “help”. But I am not a spring chicken. At this stage of my life, $23 for 2 month supply is cheap if it does fraction of what it claims to do for me. I will try and update you.

Protein bar & granola bars are for work (6 month supply).

My job requires brain power and concentration. I am afraid to stop taking Focus Factor. But, I plan to take less or stop taking them and monitor my work performance.

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant (Costco item #1678543) looked promising. I’ve been searching for unscented deodorant. I desperately needed some decent UNSCENTED deodorant.