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Sign Of Getting Old - Chatting With A Young Co-Worker

Sign of getting old.

My co-worker "R" shares the cubicle wall with me.  Without the cubicle wall, we would be looking right at each other.

Below is a copy of our communication at work.  It's a sign of me getting old.

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Personal Stuff (updates)

Below is random items.  Just keeping you updated.

  • I have 10-20 personal websites.  I moved all my websites to another hosing company.  Then I changed my mind and moved them all again to yet another company.  I was super busy for 2 months with this project  (I am still working). This is the main reason why I've been neglecting this website. 
  • I just bought 4 Santa hats from eBay (Yes, I know...).  But I am not happy about their quality.  Quality of these eBay Santa Hats are getting worse every year.  I am thinking about buying an expensive Santa hat so this Christmas season will be more fun.
  • I'm trying to find the best way to make my apartment smell like Christmas (cinnamon/apple).  I tried boiling cinnamon last night, but I wasn't happy with the result.  I like Yankee Candle, but they are expensive.  I just ordered a small amount of cinnamon oil.  I hope this is good.  Then I will buy a gallon. 
  • Thank God it's June.  Now I have health insurance.  There was a major change at my work and I lost my health insurance last month.  Now I am insured again (beginning June 1st).  I have less coverage now.  I need to stay healthy.
  • I need to rollover my 401k - I have no idea what I'm doing.   I need to research more.  The accounting lady (at work) is waiting for me to get this done ASAP.
  • I still have the same job.  But, we are over-hauling our company structure.  I will be making even less money.  I mean, starting next month, I may make less money than what I need to survive.  :(
  • I would like to buy a bicycle from Costco.  (more coming).
  • I've been drinking a lot of tea.  I drink coffee more, but I spent a lot of money on tea & tea accessories.  I've been doing a lot of experiments.  It came to the point that, when desired, I would add kitchen spices such as basil & fennel seeds to my tea. (more coming).
  • There is a guitar I want so bad.   It's ESP M-II ($1800 + Case).  I've been eye-balling this guitar for over 1 year now.  It's very expensive and I don't have this kind of money.  But I would really like to have that guitar.

I am busy & distracted.  I need to take care of big items on my list.

Dispite everything going on I am having fun every day.  "Life" is the best thing to play with, and we all have it.  How lucky are we?  Times are tough for a lot of us, but we are not going to starve to death.  Most poor people still have cable TV and cellular phones. 

Let's stay positive and try to do something every day to make things better.  Just don't get sick and have fun, everything will be OK.  God bless sick people (my parents included).


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Another Lazy Spells - Planning a Perfect Weekend

I am going through another lazy spells.
Not much is going on with my life.

Like I always say, boring is good. To me, boring is the ultimate happiness. Nobody around me is sick or dead.  I visit my parents and they are always happy.  I go to work every day and have fun.  There is no "News".  I didn't win a lottery.  But, I didn't lose a job. Boring is good. 

I've been feeling tired and lazy lately.  So I took things slow.  I went to Costco today on my lunch time, but I didn't buy anything special.

I am planning for a perfect weekend.

This weekend, I will be totally home alone.  I don't even have a date.  I am very excited about this weekend alone.

I will fix good meal, practice guitar, work on computer, visit my parents, watch movies, watch NBA finals, eat out, go to farmers market, go to Costco, work on my websites, drink good coffee and tea,  wake up early to enjoy morning...

I plan to dedicate 1 day to listen to Christmas music a lot.

I hope to start my weekend on Friday 4pm by visiting my parents for dinner.   I used to take my parents out to lunch and dinner and give them some cash too.  Now, my parents treat me, and they give me cash.  They have more money now.

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Bad design on men's underwear. Why ???

This had been my complaint for about 20 years.  But, I couldn't complaint to anyone because of nature of the topic.  This is about how some manufacturers design men's underwear.

I couldn't hold it to myself anymore.  I have to share this with you.  I would like manufacturers to read my post and fire the guy who came up with this God awful design.

It's difficult for me to buy underwear that looks "Normal".  I just want a simple low-rise underwear that feels comfortable.  I do not want my underwear to bother me in anyway.  I wear my underwear inside out so the seams (stitching) will face outside.  I believe underwear are meant to be worn outside in.  I also wear tank-tops inside out for that reason (to avoid seams on shoulders).

But some manufacturers take extra effort to come up with bothersome features on men's underwear.

Take a look at this (below).

I found these at ROSS.  They look lovely.  That's exactly what I like.  But...

Look at the red circle.  Do you see the extra seam that's stitched in?  Do you know how uncomfortable that is against men's (ehem) skin?

They had absolutely no reason to put that extra stitch there.  No reason at all.  But, they had to put that there.  I don't know what they were thinking.

Additionally, that particular area had extra layer of material so it will be durable.  In return, that will make men (ehem) extra warm with less air circulation.  Yikes...

This is truly an anti-male design.  If you are a girl and worry about your boyfriend cheating on you?  Buy these for your man.  It will FIX him.  Yikes...

Can I please have some underwear with no extra stuff built in?  Thankfully, there are plenty of normal underwear out there.  I just have to look for them harder.  Gag me with a spoon.

Hanes now makes underwear with no tags.  I applause Hanes for that.  I always cut the tags off as soon as I buy underwear & T-shirts.

This is NOT a photo of myself


Here's an image from my past blog:  Tags, tags... (08/03/2009)

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GTE Phone Bill from 1999

There is a massive cleanup project going on at my apartment.  My place was really messy.  I finally decided to clean everything I see.  That's what I'm going to do for next few weeks.  If I see it? I will clean it.  After that, I shall keep my place clean forever. 

I shreded a lot of papers.  Then I found this 11+ years old GTE phone bill.  Whatever happened to GTE?  I think they are no more.

Anyway, This phone bill made me to stop and think about my life 12 years ago.  Life was simple back in 1999, except for the Y2K fiasco.  I used to rent a room.  I made little money, but I didn't have much worries.  I used to drive a beat up white convertable.  My hair was even longer then now, and I used to wear a cowboy hat on top of it. 

1999 was the year I decided to go back to school for a BS degree.   I was sick and tired of being poor.   I enrolled myself into a super expensive private university and took out a loan.  I wanted to make more money.  I wanted to be rich.  And, most of all, I wanted to own my own house to prove that I made it.

I still don't own my own house.   I have a one bedroom apartment now.

I still have fun.  I manage to save some.  I am still going for home ownership.  We're all having tough time in this economy.  But I try to look at the bright side.

GTE Phone Bill


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(pic) Under My Bathroom Sink.

I am going through a slow blogging season again. 

I am fine.  My work is repetitive and nothing special is going on.

I just don't find time to write anything.  Also, nothing is going on.


I missed 5 Costco Shopping blogs - because I didn't buy anything fun.

I am totally out of Coffee.  Costco didn't have Starbucks Coffee coupon for 5 months now.  Next time I see Starbucks Coffee coupon, I will buy 5 bags.

I am planning for a super vacation (coming up).

Anyway, I hope I will have some fun stories I will share. 


This is how under my bathroom sink look like.

I use baby shampoo from 99 Cents Only Store.  They are cheap and gentle.

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Happy Valentine's Day 2011 / Sign of Getting Old

(Also a sign of getting old)

Happy Valentine's Day.

I hated Valentine's Day all my life, because it's so stressful.   It's the day that society created so people would spend money.

Then I thought about it... if you are stressed, then something is wrong.  So what if Valentine's Day is commercialized?  I can spend small amount of money and have fun.  The secret is to have a date (spouce) who shares the same life-style.  Then there should be no stress.

I went to Ralphs and spent very little money.  I bought just one stem of rose for $5.99.  I also bought a chocolate and a card.  I think I spent less than $15.00 total.  I didn't go to any fancy store.  So, there was absolutely no stress.

Oh, then I couldn't find my vase.  So, I had to keep the rose in the coffee pot.

Happy Valentine's Day.


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From My Personal Facebook Account

Below is my facebook entries - Part 2.

Click here for my facebook entries Pt.1 from August 19, 2010

  • You will like this one. When I drove to work, there was a (young) couple crossing the street very slowly AND diagonally. So, I had to slow down for them. They were getting in the car. So, I waited for them to start driving. When she started to drive, I came out. She hit the break. Then I crossed the street very slowly & diagonally. So, those mofos had to wait for me.
  • I had to put "Please do not clean my desk" sign for the cleaning lady. She's like Drago from Rocky 4. Whatever she touches, she destroys...
  • torn between Jingle Dogs and Jingle Cats. Cannot decide... :(
  • Can't wait to grow hair in my ears... :(
  • This year, I was called "Ma'am" or "Lady" at least 6 times.
  • I am sick of wearing casual year round. I shall propose "Formal Monday" to my boss.
  • There is absolutely no come back when a girls says "Man up!" to me. That sucks~!!!
  • hates it when sucker MC's try to bite my rhymes
  • I once had a co-worker named Stanley (15 years ago). Everyone hated Stanley. We all concluded that he would die in 5 years. 5 years later Stanley Died. I felt horrible. I have never hated anyone since then.
  • It's Monday morning 1:15am. I am going to Del Taco for a Macho Nacho. I try to convince myself.... "If I don't fall asleep, it's still Sunday".
  • I love rich people. They give me sh*t.
  • A lot of work at work. A lot of work at home. I'm no fun. At least I have my youth... Oh, crap, not anymore...
  • (pic) Sat & Sun are the only days I eat red meat. Also the only days I eat out.
  • Thank God for pep pills.
  • It's fine that you don't watch TV. But, when you say "I don't watch TV" why do you have to make that snotty face?
  • I live very close to work. For example, if I want a drink? I would grab a can of soda from the refrigerator at work, and get ice from my apartment. But, I don't go home for #2. I like sharing toilet seat.
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Christmas Hangover

Today is January 13th but I still cannot let go of Christmas.

I had such a good time during the season. 

Last weekend, I bought some last chance Christmas stuff at a local store.

Everything had to go, they said.

At work, I still turn on my Christmas lights.  I still listen to Christmas music.

It's so sad that the season went by so fast.

I put on my Santa Hat on Thanksgiving Day.  Some folks greeted me with "Merry Christmas" - On Thanksgiving Day

My 10 days vacation was a magic.  I really enjoyed my vacation.  I spent 6 days all alone, including Christmas day.  And I loved it.

I bought myself a nice Christmas gift (below)

I love this 13" notebook computer.  Of course I bought a factory re-certified unit for a deep discount.  The battery lasts 7-9 hours.  I plan to get out of the town and take care of my business with my computer once in a while.

I still turn on Christmas lights at my work.  I listen to Christmas music.  My apartment smells like cinnamon sticks.

I have gained 4 solid pounds during the season.

I ate a lot. Look at my snack shack (photographed December 2010).
This is why some people hate Americans.
Don't try this at home, unless you have super strong will power.
I have a friend with almost no self-control.   She goes crazy whenever she visits me.

I should snap out from Christmas hangover and start enjoying 2011.

I can't wait to Christmas 2011.  But that would be wishing away 1 year of my life.  I shall re-focus and enjoy 2011.   I would like to be productive this year.

Christmas season is only 10 month away.  That's scary.


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Vacation Update - December 2010

I am on my 10 days vacation (4 days off, 2 days holidays, 4 days weekend).

8 days flew by like a rocket ship.  I still have 2 days to enjoy.  I shall make most out of it.


When I was a boy, I used to love scale modeling.  I spent many days making tanks, sports cars, and fighter planes.  Back then, I had to save money for months to buy a cheap box of a tank.  Kit models were such a treat back then, that's why I relate kit models with Christmas.

I wanted re-live that olden days.  I bought 2 boxes of kit models.  I was very happy to find this truck.  I remember this truck from my childhood.  I looked at this truck on store window for hours and hoped to buy it.

On the night before Christmas, I put the truck together as I watched Polar Express.  I had a good sentimental moment alone.

It took several hours (a few days) to put this together. 

After this truck, I got fed up with scale modeling.  That was enough.  Maybe I will get to the tank next year (?).  We'll see.


My neighbor "S" paid a visit on Christmas day.  She said she found the coins at the laundry room.  "I thought It had to be you" she said.

She said, after using washers and dryers, she put the coins and Christmas card back up there.  She wanted somebody else to have that good feeling.


I did a lot of shopping.
I ate a lot of treats.
I met my parents twice.

This vacation was so very sweet.


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