Thanksgiving Turkey 2016

This was the 7th straight year I baked Thanksgiving turkey alone. Just like last year, a friend dropped by for a short time. But I was home alone for the most part. I live a stress-free life. I was invited to a couple of places. But I didn’t want to drive 2 hours to see my family. And I didn’t want to go where I could not truly relax. Many people talk about holidays and stress. I have absolutely no stress.

First, I baked the turkey upside down for an hour. Then I flipped the turkey and put it back in the oven. I like this technique. I think it was the best turkey I have ever made. I can’t wait for next Thanksgiving.

Red Lobster biscuits (from Costco) were very good. Turkey, stuffing, organic cranberry sauce, and turkey baking racks were also from Costco.