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Costco Toilet Papers - Big Changes

I am Sorry Costco. We love you, but this topic is not going away.
200+ Comments and counting...

You've asked for it: There is a Toilet Paper that could beat Costco toilet papers in both quality and price.  // IMPORTANT: This deal goes on and off.  Price goes up and down.  Make sure to double check price before buying ($22.63 & Eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25)

Angel Soft, Double Rolls, from Amazon, 48 Count for $22.63 (Eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25). = $0.47 / Roll

*People are not happy with Costco's new toilet papers (I still think they are the best deal).  Read comments. 


There has been big changes on Costco (Kirkland Signature) toilet papers.

  • Old Costco toilet papers came in packages of 36 rolls.  The new package contains 30 rolls.
  • Old Costco toilet papers were individually wrapped.  The new Costco toilet papers are packaged as 6 pack.
  • New Costco toilet papers are supposed to be softer and thicker.  I do believe they are slightly softer and thicker.  I am beginning to wonder if they are not as strong, which can be a problem.
  • Old Costco toilet papers were $17.99 for 36 rolls - this comes out to be $.50 each roll ($0.499722222) - this is a very good price.
  • New Costco toilet papers are $14.99 for 30 rolls - this comes out to be $.50 each roll ($0.499666666).  So, per roll price was not changed.
  • New rolls of toilet papers are too large (fat) for toilet paper holder.

People are not happy about the changes.  If there are better toilet papers (better deal) I would like to know, so please leave me a note.

Old Costco (Kirkland Signature) Toilet Papers packaging
Image from past blog - July 25, 2012

Costco Kirkland Signature Toilet PapersNew Costco toilet papers in 6 pack in the middle.
Older, single packages also shown.

Costco Toilet Papers comparisonNewer Costco toilet paper is visibly larger and darker in color.
Older Costco toilet paper is on the right. (smaller and brighter)


After thought:
I wanted to shoot a demonstration video by using peanut butter as sample prop.  Then I decided not to do that due to the fact that a lot of people may find it distasteful.


Costco Forum

I think their rolls changed. It does not feel as soft as it did before. I've been buying Kirkland for 3 years, and our most recent package that we bought in August 2016 feels different. Anyone else notice this? It feels more scratchy.

By Michele (not verified)

This year, I've had two brand new unused rolls from two separate packages that each had a brown spot on them the size of a dime. Really weird and shocking to see. Looked like pooh inside a brand new roll. I threw the roll away both times.

By Cindy (not verified)

Very happy to have a better product that does not disintetrate when wet.

By Liliane Gilbert (not verified)

This is the 2nd or 3rd roll of costco toilet paper that I have noticed what looks like black inside the roll when unrolled there is something that looks like it was pressed into the paper. Maybe a dead bug or something else. It is very scary thinking about what it could be. I have saved the section and the packaging that it came in but do not know what to do now. I will not be buying it ever again! I have used it for years and never say anything like this! I am worried it is not sanitary now!

By guest (not verified)

We love this toilet tissue however the package we recently bought had no perforation. Not good.

By Piz (not verified)

We've noticed that the rolls are inconsistent in width and all oddly cut rolls are too wide to fit in our standard, builders toilet paper holders. How low quality that the cutting machine can't cut equal sized rolls? Imagine the inconsistent quality of the actual paper. Thinking that there are harsh chemicals as suggested by the people having allergic reactions is more then disappointing. Quality is not Kirkland any longer. So sad the trust is gone starting with toilet paper.

By Anna (not verified)

I have long been a super-enthusiastic Costco member but it seems to me that their quality is dropping steadily as is their variety. The toilet paper is but one example. They also refuse to offer any kind of paper towels other than the select-a-size kind, which some of us do not like. I now buy paper towels from Home Depot. Sam's Club also has the regular kind (plus the select-a-size) and I am tempted to join. It's just that I really don't want to support a Walmart operation. I think Costco's slippage is tied to founder/CEO Jim Sinegal's retirement (or was he just kicked upstairs). Under the new guy, price seems to be the driving factor in most everything. That's the Walmart way and look where that has gotten THEM.

By Ron (not verified)

It's funny. Neighbor recommended these, and said they're ONLY $19 and sometimes cheaper. Did she not realize that she's only getting 30 rolls now, and less quality?
I now buy TWO types eachmonth. If Walgreens has the package of Scott (1000) rolls for $7.50 or less, we go for that. If not, they sell 1000 rolls each, 10 for $5. ANYWAY, my Second brand is Cottonelle when on sale (Walgreens) for $3.99. We don't buy the Aloe one, because it has had less Sq ft. This brings the grand total to less than $12/month, and it lasts the whole month.
If anyone knows of once that will last this long, let me know.
If you don't like either brand but don't know how to price shop tp, always look at the SQUARE FEET. Compare it to its absorbency (like, I "half" Scotts's Sq footage because it's so thin).
I hope this helps someone.

By Jodie (not verified)

I just read your post and another's. We just had our septic system pumped/cleaned 2 years ago. A couple months ago I started using Costco's toilet paper. Someone warned me against Charmin because they said it does not break down fast enough. I started thinking about this change as Costco brand does feel "thicker" to me. We have been trying to unstop clogs for the last two weeks! I asked Costco through two separate emails if they had any customers complain about their tp being a problem for septic systems and all that they will reply is it is "septic safe." Lots of things say that but it doesn't make them true. Thanks for your info.

By Pat (not verified)

Just switched to costco tp and I am very allergic. It's horrible! First time trying it but it was a huge pack for cheap. Regret that.

By guest (not verified)

After spending the winter in Florida and returning home I could see a difference in the Toilet paper purchased there, it was a lot better. They must have different suppliers there as it was much softer than what they sell in the "north". I also like the fish oil pills from Florida better, they are shorter then the ones here so they fit in my pill box better, which is no big deal , I just bring a few bottles back home.

By Larry D (not verified)

I will be stopping purchasing Costco TP. It was the best by a country mile , now it is thinner and breaks off before it should. Crappy pardon the pun(or bum)! Feel totally ripped off. Once again when something is selling a lot they will change it and not for the better! Last sale for me!

By beverly conran (not verified)

Wow just decided to do a search as we've had to unplug our sewer twice in the last month. A job that we only did twice a year. Also had troubles with the toilet plugging up. ONLY thing different was that I bought for the first time Costco toilet paper! I always used #Purex toilet paper just waited for it to go on sale. Now I know the problem is the #Costco toilet paper. Never again!!!!! Thank god we have our own electric auger but still what a shitty job. Thanks #Costco

By Jodi m (not verified)

Having our septic system cleaned today and the guy said it was clogged with paper. Asked what we used and we told him, he said it's the worst toilet paper to use in a septic system, doesn't break up.

By Kathy Kirschenman (not verified)

I know - don't trash 30 rolls.

By john

James don't throw away the toilet paper! Either take it back for a refund or donate to a shelter.

By cassienclayton (not verified)

Your new toilet paper is awful. It is 2 ply but the thin plus together are no thicker than a 1 ply toilet paper. I am throwing away 30 rolls that I bought and won't be buying any more. You can make more money by messing with almost any other product. Not toilet paper. This was one of the main reasons we are costco members. You have removed that reason.

By James Green (not verified)

Yes, This paper that you've been complaining about comes from Georgia Pacific, AKA the Koch brothers. Costco terminated their contract with Kimberley Clark and switched to Georgia Pacific. It wasn't too long after that when the KC plant in Everett, WA that was making the Kirkland TP was shut down. 900 jobs were lost. No, I don't buy GP products.

By Consumer (not verified)

contacted costco 3-4 years ago about their toilet paper going down the tubes i.e. quality, quantity and now as stupid as it may sound.....balling up on my butt (and other places). when i am finished with my bundle of toilet paper from costco, i will never buy it again!

By rr (not verified)

I am sorry to hear that. 

I guess the only bright side is that you are not allergic to ALL toilet papers of all brands - that not many companies are manufacturing TP's the same way as Costco's. :(

By john

I came back to Costco because of the toilet paper and the great cooked chickens.... they had a purplish package here in Maryland when I started and now it it discontinued it was not this fluffy as the one they are 'forcing' us to buy. Do not like the poor paper quality and WORST of all I am allergic to it... Bad rashes causing terrible itching with bad rash and a Dr. apt... and of course she suspected nothing nor asked any useful questions to lead me to a solution other than " Here try this stuff I think you will love it" ok 2 more months of that plus Costco TP and I realized the only thing different was this paper. So as we all need to to I tried out my theory and after about a week I am back to my old self. I suspect it is some sort of chemical treatment of the paper?? Is it 'recycled'... whatever it is I hope no one else has struggled with this unnecessary problem

By Alexandra (not verified)

We have been using costco bath tissue for many years and the quality has always been top shelf so why would they do this to us. If you want to raise the price go right ahead but why would you mess with the quality. I thought i just got a bad batch everyone in the home noticed it right away but when my next batch came home and it was the same thing I just knew Costco gave in the a lower cost for them(for them same price for us) and lower quality for their customers. Really sad

By Ed M (not verified)

I will be re-thinking my Costco membership. It is a 125 mile round trip for us but could justify the trip with the stock up and save mentality. It is not just the TP that has changed for the worse. I have been a member since 1993' time for a change

By Jolene (not verified)

Dislike the new size. Also am getting way more lint and I think they're making it narrower.
My big question is why is the core such a large diameter? I've never seen a dispenser with a roller diameter that large. I don't think they will fix this, years ago I asked them to fix thr dish soap that clogs the spout constantly and they ignored that request as well.

By Nicholas (not verified)

I have a stand which can hold paper towels if needed. I don't mind this new stuff.

By What Ever (not verified)

sorry... but until COSTCO starts putting the name of the manufacturer on their Kirkland products... I won't buy them anymore. I refuse to buy stuff made by the Kock Brothers.

By Matt McDonald (not verified)

I went on mu search engine to see if others had problems with the new Costco toilet paper. Wow, do they!! Our problem is that is too thin. Will Costco take it back for a refund do you think?

By don h (not verified)

Less rolls
Inferior appearing in color
Disintegrates immediately upon getting wet
Requires more paper/ wipes to get the job done.
Sticks in cracks and crevices sorry TMI

By Williamettia Scott (not verified)

All the comments and posts I read on here are true. Very disappointed now as it was the best TP available. Also whatever they've done to the roll now, it seems to not be smoothed or finished on the sides of the rolls, so lots of tiny bits fly on the floor and so there is white mess in the bathroom all around. Not going to purchase it anymore.

By Astrid McTague (not verified)

I started to buy Charmin at Costco. It's pretty good.

By john

The new paper sucks. It falls apart so i'm using much more of it. I won't be buying their toilet paper again unless they change it back to the old "recipe". Anyone have a good alternative?

By Helen (not verified)

One of the big reasons we shopped at Costco was the Ultra Soft toilet paper. Since you have discontinued it with a lesser quality product, we won't be shopping there anymore, period! We hereby discontinue you! See ya, Costco. Oh yea, anyway to get our membership fee refunded?

By John KH (not verified)

No where did I see any mention of Kirkland Ultra Soft toilet paper. Found out they are discontinuing it. Used to use Charmin. The Ultra Soft has a better price. My wife likes it too, otherwise I would not have bought it. When I couldn't find it in my local Costco I started asking around. Was told it causes problem with septic system. Judging from what I read the Ultra Soft was not mentioned as one of the culprits. Last week I asked the store manager and he found out the Ultra Soft will not be carried anymore. I still think it is a good producr and now I have to pay more for Charmin. Had problem with Charmin's thicker version. Clogged toilet twice so I went back to the other Charmin. Then I discovered the Kirkland Ultra Soft. Been using it for a while. Hope all the other discussion regarding Kirkland toilet paper did not cause Costco to stop selling their Ultra Soft. As I said, I didn't see any mention of the Kirkland Ultra Soft toilet paper. Love the Ultra Soft but have to look for alternatives.

By Billy (not verified)

I have been buying Kirkland TP for years and this last package was noticeably different!.. It was only one ply and totally different. The packaging was a little different and when I returned my big package today and went to buy the purple colored Kirkland package and there wasn't any. So they have evidently changed to this one-ply stuff you'd find at a rest stop on the highway. No absorbent, strong or soft. Bring back the old TP Costco!!

By Susan (not verified)

Buy the Marathon tp at costco it comes out 2 cents cheaper per roll and is better and softer!

By Jimmy Bee (not verified)

Funny I was just mentioning how dissatisfied I am with the recent purchase of Costco Kirkland brand toilet paper. I certainly do not like the feel. The paper is much harder than the old brand. It feels like the paper you use when in public restrooms. It falls apart and the two ply doesn't stick together. I will not be purchasing the Costco brand as I do not like how it feels on my important parts. I may as well be using news paper.

By Dre (not verified)

Costco has a no-questions asked return policy - you should never be scared! I bring empty packages back to return all the time because I thought they were not very good, and I have been told by an employee before to fully evaluate the product.

Another fun tid-bit about costco, ask them to open something to try it, and they will!

By guest (not verified)

I like the Kirkland toilet paper.
Wish Costco was closer to my home.

By guest (not verified)

I just read John's comments that include: "You've asked for it: There is a Toilet Paper that could beat Costco toilet papers in both quality and price. // IMPORTANT: This deal goes on and off. Price goes up and down. Make sure to double check price before buying ($22.63 & Eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25"

If I am not mistaken, the cost per sheet is much less for the Kerkland paper because they come 425 sheets per roll vs 264 sheets for Angle Soft.

By guest (not verified)

We have had the same thing, UTI symptoms but it is not a UTI. I believe it is chemicals used in the production of this TP that causes the irritation. It can also cause anal irritation as well. We switched TP brands and the problems went away.

By guest (not verified)

sadly it is not likely ur uti was from the toilet paper but more likely that it was ur hygene practices that caused this infection. Put the blame where it truly needs to be. I can guarrenty that the toilet paper is much more sanitary that ur hands are every time you use the toilet paper

By guest (not verified)

Not sure if I am complaining to the correct people but I generally Love Costco products!! Not to thrilled about this one though: I bought a large quantity of "Marathon" toilet tissue for both my home and office. The packaging says "2-ply" but that is a total JOKE!!Yes, there are two sheets of tissue but they are single sheets that are not even perforated in the same place. Thus, you pull off a few sheets and half of what you have got is 1-ply. I am taking mine back!!It is a JOKE and not what I wanted (especially when it is fall allergy time and you need to blow your nose) Who wants a handful of mucus?!?

By guest (not verified)

Submitted by guest on Oct7, 2014
We have had trouble with the Costco Kirkland brand toilet paper, a lot. It doesn't break up in water and clogs the plumbing. Sometimes we could fix it our selves,but in the last two months, we have had to call out a drain cleaning service. They asked us if we were using Kirkland and told us that they get called out at least 5 to 7 times a week for that reason. When you see the water go through your system, when they are snaking it ...there goes the toilet paper. I will never use it again. It has already cost me over $400.00, to clean out the plumbing. Probably the same reason we had to have the pipes snaked for the past few years also. I wonder how long it does take to break apart?

By guest (not verified)

Facts and data sources please.

By guest (not verified)

Oh, thank you for your feedback.
I hope more positive reviews will come in.

By john

Hmm... I joined Costco last week and was thrilled at the size and quality of the toilet paper for the price. I found this forum while searching out of curiosity to find out what manufacturer makes the Kirkland bath tissue. I've read a lot of the comments below and I feel like Costco MUST have improved the product yet again before I bought it, because so far, it is great! I am not a fan of soft & fluffy, nor am I a fan of thin and flimsy. This toilet paper is right in the middle, leaves no lint, tears cleanly, is soft to the touch and works great for blowing noses! I will buy it again and again and will be crossing my fingers in hopes of receiving the same great quality each time.

By guest (not verified)

I have been using this TP for about two months. I got a uti, possibly glutened and a yeast infection. It's DEFINITELY the TP. Kirkland is made from recycled products so many may be allergic to it.

By guest (not verified)

I did not like the old Kirkland tp as I found much of it clinging to my body. They once sold Marathon tp and now I am looking to find where to buy it. Lasts long and it doesn't accumulate on me.

By guest (not verified)

I absolutely agree about the fact that the Kirkland toilet paper doesn't tear cleanly. That is also my major complaint, and it is the sole reason I no longer buy it. It's just too messy.

By guest (not verified)

I read many comments (but not all of them) and did not see any mention of the ease of tearing the sheets off of the roll--my biggest complaint is I can't seem to tear them off without them ripping down the side and leaving a big tail hanging. Sometimes if I rip it fast enough it doesn't do it but most of the time it does and it is frustrating. I need to think about other brands the next time I need to purchase because I am tired of this issue.

By guest (not verified)


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