Costco Toilet Papers - Big Changes


I am Sorry Costco. We love you, but this topic is not going away.
200+ Comments and counting...

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*People are not happy with Costco's new toilet papers (I still think they are the best deal).  Read comments. 


There has been big changes on Costco (Kirkland Signature) toilet papers.

  • Old Costco toilet papers came in packages of 36 rolls.  The new package contains 30 rolls.
  • Old Costco toilet papers were individually wrapped.  The new Costco toilet papers are packaged as 6 pack.
  • New Costco toilet papers are supposed to be softer and thicker.  I do believe they are slightly softer and thicker.  I am beginning to wonder if they are not as strong, which can be a problem.
  • Old Costco toilet papers were $17.99 for 36 rolls - this comes out to be $.50 each roll ($0.499722222) - this is a very good price.
  • New Costco toilet papers are $14.99 for 30 rolls - this comes out to be $.50 each roll ($0.499666666).  So, per roll price was not changed.
  • New rolls of toilet papers are too large (fat) for toilet paper holder.

People are not happy about the changes.  If there are better toilet papers (better deal) I would like to know, so please leave me a note.

Old Costco (Kirkland Signature) Toilet Papers packaging
Image from past blog - July 25, 2012

Costco Kirkland Signature Toilet PapersNew Costco toilet papers in 6 pack in the middle.
Older, single packages also shown.

Costco Toilet Papers comparisonNewer Costco toilet paper is visibly larger and darker in color.
Older Costco toilet paper is on the right. (smaller and brighter)


After thought:
I wanted to shoot a demonstration video by using peanut butter as sample prop.  Then I decided not to do that due to the fact that a lot of people may find it distasteful.


New costco toilet paper is not as good as the old individually wrapped rolls.

The paper itself falls apart much more easily, the 2-ply does not stay together, and it leaves a lot of lint on the floor under the holder, and probably on us too. Also, NOT softer. I have an old roll and a new roll, and the difference is noticeable.

By having larger rolls in plastic 6-packs, there are fewer places to store these. We normally break up the larger bag of individual rolls for storage under multiple sinks. The paper protects the roll. Now in the 6pack, once it is open, it's open. It doesn't fit in the same area either.

The large roll itself doesn't fit in some of the older tp holders in the bathrooms. You have to wait until the first quarter inch is run off.

It seems like we are going through the larger rolls at a faster rate. I think this is due to the problem of the paper falling apart too easy, and using more.

NOT a fan of the new rolls. I have been buying Kirkland for over a decade, and this is one of the main reasons I use Costco - for paper products and some fun seasonal items. This is making me look for new TP elsewhere.

Not happy. Not buying more. Hope they change it back.

By guest (not verified)

I don't buy K tp, mostly because I feel like it is too thin (Im a bit of a princess in that reguard)...I will have to check the changes next time.  Thanks for sparing us the peanut butter demo...eewww!

By SJC Fam

If you thought they were too thin before, you will still think they are too thin. The difference is almost unnoticeable.

Come on, it's only peanut butter... haha

By john

The peanut butter demonstration needs to be done. In the name of science.

It's that kind of in-depth Costco reporting that keeps me coming back to this blog.

By guest (not verified)

Oh boy... I have some idea on how the demonstration can be done with peanut butter.

I'll have to use both cream & chunky so I can associate better with people with different diet.

Oh boy, it's painful... so funny...

By john

I have to agree with the others--I like the OLD TP from Costco better. I don't like the new "texture" at all. I think the old kind was their best seller for a reason. I also liked the individually wrapped and smaller rolls. It does seem like they did this to save costs but the quality isn't the same.

By guest (not verified)

Costco needs to hear from as many dissatisfied customers as possible. Why mess with a popular product that made so many people happy. This new toilet paper is crap, the packaging is not sanitary like the old way, and the fact that it does not fit in bathrooms that have indented toilet paper holders shows that no proper research was done. I'm boycotting this product unless Costco brings back the old packaging and style. Since I often go to Costco primarily to buy TP (and then buy $100 worth of other stuff), I think Smart and Final will be getting my business now.
Shame on you, Costco.

By guest (not verified)

The new paper is not as strong and leaves lint everywhere. We buy our paper at another store now, Northern brand.

By guest (not verified)

I too am not happy with the change to the new 6-roll packs. Like many, I have been buying this TP for years and loved the quality individually packed rolls. The old TP definately seemed stronger to me and although the new rolls do seem fluffier I agree with the other poster that they are certainly messier and riddled with lint.

The worst part of all is that I noticed that the new rolls do NOT indicate that they are septic safe like the old ones. This means those with septic systems and/or RVs will likely not be able to use this new paper. Even though we are not on a septic system, I always enjoyed the fact that we could use the same quality paper in our home and our RV, but that no longer seems to be the case.

Very dissappointed that Costco made this change and I am still hoping that they will bring back the old version; or have both and gove comsumers the choice. Otherwise I will likely be shopping for a new TP product soon.

By guest (not verified)

Agree with negative comments about the new Costco TP. I won't be buying it again and I've already bought a supply from Target. The price for generic Target TP is not as good but the quality is decent AND IT FITS IN THE TP HOLDER! Liked the individual wrappers on the old Costco TP but would be willing to deal with the 6-pack if the roll would at least fit in the dispenser. We still have a few rolls of the old Costco TP and it's more durable and less prone to, uh, leave dingleberries. Hate the new stuff.

By guest (not verified)

FYI: They are septic system safe.

By john

I don't like the new TP and will be buying a different brand.

By guest (not verified)

The new Kirkland toilet paper cardboard core is a few millimeters wider. You can slide an empty older core into the newer core.

By guest (not verified)

Thank you for the info.
You are my kind of person!

By john

It can't go back to the old way, the Kimberly Clark mill in Everett closed (due to greed) my husband worked for them and he said it was the best toilet paper they made. So now it is made by another company I won't name but there machines can't make them the same.

By guest (not verified)

What is the next best toilet paper to try? I assume it will be awhile before Costco replaces the too large, highly tear-able (linty) rolls with a product as good or better than the "original" TP.

By guest (not verified)

This toilet paper sucks.

By guest (not verified)

Out with the NEW and in with the OLD is my feedback. These new rolls don't fit in my holder (as they are too wide)!!! Is this a ploy with the folks that make those holders to noanpm and design one to fit the "new" Costco version so I have to spend more $$$ and buy that too??? The rolls do not roll well once installed on the toilet paper roller (the clearance from the center of the roll to the wall DOES not accommodate the new roll making it difficult to spin). Hence, I waste a good portion of the roll getting it whittled down far enough to freely roll off the holder. Can you say "TOTAL RECALL"!!!!!

By guest (not verified)

Has anyone noticed that the new "bigger" rolls are actually less in mass and only"fluffed up" So we get fewer rolls with less paper that take up more space and can no longer be stored individually in our storage shelves in the garage unless we bring in multiple unwrapped rolls at a time. And to top it all off, our local Costco manager was unaware of the size/quality change and that particular store was still charging $17.99 for much less paper. We just came back from vacation and I now see the lower price reflecting the less amount of product. This is truly a case of inflation. The rolls are literally inflated. And yes, we did recycle the individual plastic wrap and will recycle the new 6 roll wrap whose plastic actually seems thicker than the individual wrappers, possibly to give more integrity and strength to contain the multiple rolls. So did they really save plastic? And don't they think their customers can actually see the reduction in quality? Shame in you Kirkland!

By guest (not verified)

The new TP is awful. The old stuff was great.

IT is fluffy, too big for my toilet paper dispenser and flakes all over the place.

I called the 800# but they aren't aware of any problem.

Most Kirkland products are excellent but in this case they made a mistake.

Is there any other brand of TP that Costco sells that compares with their old TP?

Ed in San Francisco

By guest (not verified)

I posted this article with a complaint to the Costco fan page on Facebook. I hope they start listening!

By guest (not verified)

I posted the following on Costco's Facebook page on 8/6/2012:

Dear Costco.
Didn't you try changing the Bath Tissue several years ago and the overwhelming voice of members helped you to see the light, that you needn't fix something that isn't broken... so you brought back the perfect blend of soft and durable.
NOW, years later, there must be one person in the executive office that didn't like that perfect blend and somehow got you to go and change things again! WHY? The new blend is no good. It's too soft and crumbles. I have given it a fair try, even though I KNEW I would be disappointed. Please bring back the Costco Bath Tissue that we all have come to depend on.

By guest (not verified)

I found this website because I googled new Costco toilet paper. This stuff is lousy. I specifically bought Costco brand because it didn't disintegrate into your private parts. I will be very interested to hear of other brands that would offer similar quality. I still love Costco but I will not be buying toilet paper there any more.

By guest (not verified)

Heard on the news here (NW Washington State) that a new owner has purchased the old mill in Everett, is hiring workers, and should be shipping paper products again by October. Costco, please check this out and go back to the "old" product. Thanks.

By guest (not verified)

I thought it was only me thinking that the rolls were larger. I have to use some before putting it on the holders. I am going to try other brands even if it cost more. The new toilet paper breaks, flakes (whatever you want to call it) leaving a dirty feel. It is like Charming comercials. One that is better is Safeway's brand.

By guest (not verified)

Dear Costco,
Please revert to the (former) IMMENSELY popular style of toilet paper.

We (your loyal customers) really appreciate your efforts to improve Kirkland products. But this new version is not welcome by many. As you are probably aware, the vast majority of your displeased customers will not take the time to write a complaint. They will just find an alternative and complain to their friends and family about the "improved" version of toilet paper.

Thanks for your attention.


San Jose, California Costco member since 1988.

By guest (not verified)

I am confused because it seems everyone who posted went from having the old toilet paper in individually wrapped rolls directly to the new "softer" paper in the six pack.

My old style toilet paper has been coming in a six pack for a long time now. I was upset when they changed the packaging of the old style from the individual rolls into six - 6 packs (36 rolls) but kept buying it because the price and quality were far superior to any other option.

This latest change is just awful. I have scrutinized the two side by side and have come to the conclusion that the new tp uses a lower quality "paper pulp" to begin with and then every step of the manufacturing process (squeezing, bleaching, rolling, etc) is less thorough, resulting in this darker, larger, fluffier crappier product. I will not be buying it again.

Back to my initial point.. Didn't everyone have the individual rolls changed into the 6 pack without any change in the toilet paper itself happen a while back?

By guest (not verified)

Hate, hate, HATE the giant rolls of six-pack TP! Not only do they not fit the TP holder, I cannot possibly effectively store them the way I could the individually wrapped rolls - squishing them into their own little nooks and crannies amongst the bathroom cabinets and linen closet. But even worse - the new TP leaves BUTT LINT worse than Charmin! OH, how I wish I had known the change was coming... I would've bought a truckload of the old stuff and put it in a storage unit!

By guest (not verified)

Had been a regular buyer of the Kirkland brand toilet paper for years. Have been extremely disappointed in the new version; falls apart and leaves little pieces everywhere, a roll doesn't last nearly as long, roll seems to be not as wide. I'm so irritated with it that I did a google search to look for palace to complaine. I don't know about value but I'm now buying the Scott brand toilet paper; Doesn't fall apart, lasts longer and is wider. Costco, please go back to the old stuff!

By guest (not verified)

Well, I am sooo glad that I am NOT the only one who have been thinking that Costco has been manipulating its members to buy less quality items day by day. It is awful. The latest T/P due to its poor quality, it consumes much faster than the former one, which is exactly Costco's malicious conniving way to have its members spend more money on crappy latest T/paper.

Thanks for the tip. I will try Safeway T/P!

By guest (not verified)

I don't like the changes to the Kirkland toilet paper either mainly because it won't fit in our toilet paper holder - way too big.

I did write an email complaint to Costco and did get a nice polite reply, however, it didn't seem as though they would go back to the "old" style.

We have been buying one of the more expensive brands at Costco.

I didn't realize there were this many unhappy customers. I had thought it was only me. Perhaps if they get enough complaints maybe they will change back.

If you go to the sight there is a way to contact them and email.

By guest (not verified)

I will be buying another brand as well & not at costco. Every time I go to costco I buy less & less. The closest one to me is about 30 minutes away. Whatever brain surgeon (No offense to actual brain surgeons)over at costco decide bigger with less is a moron. Just like everyone else has said, it is too big to fit in my dispenser. There fresh produce and items with expiration dates seem to go bad/expire faster then going to the grocery store. We pay costco to shop at their store, for what? There prices on most items are about the same, and the items that are a better price will go bad before my 2 person family can eat them. I pay lees for gas down the street from my house. I think this will be my last year as a member. I have been a customer since 1994 (Price Club)

By guest (not verified)

We can't store the new stuff in the garage since the rodents will get at the open package. 30 rolls IN the house is just too much. Go back to individually wrapped at least!

By guest (not verified)

We need to not buy any toilet paper from Costco. Don't give them your TP dollar for any brand until they change! Revolt! This toilet paper is not worth a crap! (Hee Hee)

By guest (not verified)


By john

Been using the Kirkland TP for at least 15 years. Not just for my own home, but ALWAYS packed a case in the trunk for my college kids when we would visit them at their respective colleges and grad schools. This was the best price/quality value product; never thought I was compromising quality for price. The other decent choices are so much more expensive.

The new stuff sucks. Biggest problem for me is the larger roll that won't fit any of our toilet paper holders.

Still haven't found a decent solution.

Costco, you gotta fix this.

By guest (not verified)

Add me to the list of members who are unhappy with the new toilet paper. I can deal with the new packaging but the size is an absolute non-starter. The big rolls flat out do not fit the built-in dispensers in my older home. I had to return the package after using 3 rolls. There is simply no kind of accomodation that can be made to use them other than using up part of the roll before mounting it on the dispenser.

Given that I've been using the Kirkland brand for over 10 years, I'm not happy with having to experiment with different brands now. I guess I'll just buy whatever is in the coupon book until I find something that offers equivalent value.

By guest (not verified)

I hate hate hate the packaging. It went from single wrapped in paper and an over all plastic, to single wrap in plastic, then wrapped in a six back then over all wrapped.

How many containers does TOILET PAPER need? I have been trying to reduce what goes in my trash can, then they pull this. Such an unneeded use of plastic.

By guest (not verified)

Add my voice to the change it back chorus

For all the reasons above I am looking for a new supplier for my 10 room B&B.

Sorry Costco but the new stuff just sucks!!

By guest (not verified)

Hey~! Where is your B&B?
If you don't want to say here, then send me email (private message).

have a nice day

By john


Just found this site while looking for feedback on the new Costco toilet paper. Lots of bad reviews. I too am very disappointed with the new paper. I even e-mailed Costco, before the new paper came out, with my concerns. Why would you take a perfect toilet paper and try to change it. For years I have been recommending Costco toilet paper to my customers. I am a plumbing contractor that specializes to service and repair. Which means I unplug a lot of toilets. When the plug has been toilet paper related people ask which brand I could recommend. Costco has been my top recommendation. Sorry, not any more. Will have to find other brands to suggest to my customers.

As far as thickness of the new toilet paper. It seems like they just made the embossing more pronounced. Which makes the role thicker. Has anyone else noticed this?

Hope they change back.

By guest (not verified)

I don't mind the paper quality change so much (we're not particular that way) but I do have an issue with a new roll not fitting in standard holders and am very unhappy that the rolls aren't individually wrapped anymore. It made it easy to store odd quantities of new rolls in our oddly cabineted bathrooms, sanitary and protected from occasional drips. Please bring back the old packaging, pleeeeeease!!!!!

By guest (not verified)

So we all (mostly all) agree we like the old TP better.
Does anyone know if the Costco buyers care, or plan to offer it again?

By guest (not verified)

i thought it was just me... and for me it's all about the size. i haven't noticed any particular reduction in 'performance' or increase in lint.
but the size! will not fit the holder. i could get nine rolls in my vanity drawer, now only six. secondary storage was perfect for the old size, now i can only get maybe half the number of rolls in the same space. and of course, storage is limited by the 6 roll package size.
yeah - bring it back!

By guest (not verified)

It looks like the square footage of the old and new rolls is the same, so the new ones are more embossed and therefore take up more room on a given roll. I'd rather have the old flat ones that fit my bathrooms and take up less space than the new ones that are embossed and just take up space. I didn't analyse how they are packed in the store, but they are probably squishable enough that as far as Costco logistics go, they can fit the same number of units per pallet, in the same cubic footage.

Sorry to get geeky, but I didnt see mention of square footage and that would have been one way to get short-changed, but it doesn't look like Costco pulled that trick here.

By guest (not verified)


I am a die-hard Costconian (sounds kinda neat, huh?). I love, love, love shopping there and reaping the benefits of their products.

However, I have to jump on the "I hate the revised Kirkland toilet paper train."

With alot of the same complaints as those above (packaging and quality) we also have the problem that majority of the rolls are now lopsided and don't fit in the toilet paper holder.

We recently watched a program on Costco and how they select their vended items. It also included a long segment on how much work/research they put into producing their toilet paper. Open your ears and listen up Costco....or I can recommend the hearing aid department over by your pharmacy that has a fantastic price on hearing implements!!! :)

By guest (not verified)

The new stuck really sucks :( i noticed the change in quality immediately and will not purchase it again unless it goes back to the old. it falls apart during use, nothing good or better about the changes.

By guest (not verified)

That is a telling statistic on its own. It seems obvious that this is a profit motive issue from this measurement alone. How could this change be anything but a cost cutting/profit enhancing change. Did anyone out there have problems with the old rolls NOT fitting their dispensers?

By guest (not verified)

My 2 cents:

I loved the old Costco TP.

I don't know of any alternatives. Luckily I have several of the old larger packages in my basement, so I will be able to weather this for a while so I can decide what to do.

I didn't like the idea of the new TP immediately. The way we use the old is to put the indivually wrapped rolls in various places throughout the house. The paper outer layer allowed us to do that and NOT worry about wiping dust and cobwebs, etc. on our privates w;hen we pulled a new roll out from under the sink or off the shelf.

Because of this change, I have considered--horror or horrors--checking out what the competition, the EVIL Sam's Club has to offer. Costco is about 5 times as far away as Sam's (1 mile vs. 5 miles), but for years I have happily driven by Sam's on my way to Costco. (This is primarily a political decision.)

While we are on the subject, what's with the paper towels. At one time they went from fatter 90 sheet rolls to thinner 80 sheet ones. (This may be a west coast thing--I've heard the east coast still gets the 90 sheeters.) Then they did the thing with the half sized 160 sheeters which I liked for some things, but not for most. If you all remember, they went back to the 80 sheet rolls. Maybe this will be the same type of thing.

It all seems a bit too "New Coke"ish to me.


By guest (not verified)

I had no issue fitting the old rolls in the dispenser. Now my new rolls would sit outside of the holder for about 2 weeks before they will get installed.

By john


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