Top 10 Items from Costco I use Every Day

Below are items from Costco that I use every single day. I tried to put them in chronological order.

#1 Eyeglasses (2 frames & many lenses)

I have a pair of eyeglasses from Costco on my face every waking moment. I have three pairs of eyeglasses from Costco. I also have several pairs of old pairs with new lenses from Costco.

I keep a backup pair of eyeglasses in both of my cars. I have 2 pairs of eyeglasses at work. I carry an extra pair of eyeglasses wherever I go. For example, if you call me from a hospital to take care of you, I will put two pairs of eyeglasses in my travel bag (regular & reading).

#2 Toilet paper, toilet brush.

I use 2 toilet brushes every morning for both of my toilets. My toilets are always super clean and super white. All it takes is a quick brush every day. I scrub my toilets with a pumice stone about once a year.

#3 Toothbrush (Sonicare & Manual), Waterpik

Electric toothbrushes are the only way to go. I hope you use them, too. And, I may be wrong, but I think Waterpik is superior to dental floss.

#4 Shampoo, soap, razor, shaving cream, bath towels

I bought 6 bath towels at Costco in 2008 & 2009. I bought 6 towels because 6 will wear out twice slower than 3. But 2008 was a long time ago. They show their ages after 13 years.

Bath Towel from Costco, 13 years old, Grandeur

#5 Hair dryer – T3 Featherweight 3i

I have long hair and I use a $200 professional hairdryer. The diffuser alone was $38. 2 years ago, T3 sent me a Featherweight 3i hairdryer to review. So, I compared the 3i with my professional one. I confirmed that the T3 hairdryer can compete with expensive hairdryers. They perform so very similar, if not the same.

That was almost 2 years ago. After that review, I’ve been using T3 Featherweight 3i every day. I was too lazy to switch back to my favorite hairdryer. Featherweight 3i lacks some professional touch, such as a hanging loop. Also, it doesn’t have +/- ion switch. It generates negative iron permanently, which is good enough for me. So, I still use this hairdryer every day. Featherweight 3i is Costco’s regular stock item ($99.99). They go on sale about twice a year.

One more thing. Featherweight 3i is smaller than professional hair dryers. So, if you do your own hair, you might find a smaller hair dryer easier to operate (easier to maneuver and rich in certain spots).

*Diffusers sold separately. Most hair dryers don’t come with diffusers.

Hair Dryer, Waterpik, Sonicare Toothbrush

#6 Laundry sorter (hamper) – Seville (2009)

I take shower twice a day, so I use the hamper minimum of twice a day. I don’t hang my underwear on the doorknob like my father used to do.

Seville Laundry Sorter from Costco20 2009

#7 Refrigerator

This is perhaps the most expensive product I purchased from Costco.

#8 Vitamix (Purchased Jan 2012)

I use it twice a day, every day. It’s been almost 10 years now.

#9 Coffee, coffee grinder

I started to drink coffee in 2008, and I have been a coffee snob for over 10 years. Since I work from home, I no longer get free coffee from work during the workweek. I make coffee at home every day now.

Vinamix, Coffee Grinder, Towels, Dish Scrubbers

#10 Dish scrubbers, dish wash detergent, yellow shop towels

The yellow shop towels are made for garages and shops. But I keep it in my kitchen to dry the Vitamix container (twice a day). I also use it to clean around the kitchen. The towel doesn’t look good in the kitchen. I hide it when I have visitors. But these towels are highly functional. I also use bathroom hand towels in the kitchen. Again, this hand towel doesn’t look good in the kitchen, but they are functional.