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Costco Towels - Charisma

In this month's Costco coupon book, there is a coupon for towels.  I thought that was interesting.  I don't remember the last time I saw a coupon for towels.  Costco towels are very good value.  I can vouch for that, because I've been checking on towels for over a year.

On thanksgiving 2008, I bought a bunch of towels (picture below, related blog).  I still use those towels. These towels were made by "Grandeur".  I paid around $8.00 each.  As you can see, towels have sophisticated color (wasabi green).  And they feel amazing.  Since then, I've been checking prices on towels whenever I go to Linens and Things.  Towels of these quality will easily cost you $25+.

Sometime last year, Costco switched the brand to "Charisma".  The new towels now have inferior texture and somewhat "Cheap" looking color.  (picture at bottom).  They are definitely good value.  But, I like the older brand "Grandeur" much, much better.  Actually, I was very disappointed that Grandeur towels were no longer available.

Anyway, I thought it was interesting that Costco is now carrying inferior towels (still very good), and offer discount on top of it.

After Thanksgiving shopping 2008 - Older brand "Grandeur" Shown

New Towels by Charisma.


What do you think of that marinated salmon? How do you prepare it? I'm thinking of buying some. Thanks.

Salmon has full flavor (salty with thick sauce).
So, I don't do anything special.
I just heat it up on the pan. The whole thing takes 5-6 minutes(?).

I like them a lot.

But, I can see how some people might not like the taste.
It has a FULL flavor. It's got strong smell (which I like).

The black Charisma towels that I bought from Costco are a nightmare. They shed large pieces of lint in the wash and large swatches of dusty black all over the bathroom. This was a huge disappointment.

Mm.. I see.
The green one I bought is pretty good.
It's not as good as Grandeur they used to sell.
But, they are definitely a good value.

I will avoid black ones.
Thank you for letting me know.

Same Story for me too. I am taking them bavck to Costco to return. There's lint all over the house and the washer from the black Charisma towels. I bought 3 sets and they all have the same issue.

Thank you for letting me know.
I really liked Grandeur brand.
I hope they bring them back.

My wife picked up these towels last week. I just washed them and they ruined a load of laundry with lint. Half the towel was on the lint screen. I guess the chinese didnt bother to try to launder these towels before trying to sell them. They are going back to Crapsco.

They are made in India! I've bought several towels from different stores like JCPenney and Kohls that are made in India and they all feel the same way---soft but not absorbent. What is up with that? I need to take the towels back to Costco and Kohls.

I looked at my old absorbent towels and found that they're all made in the good ol' USA!

Wow, a lot of bad reviews on Charisma...
Thank you for letting us know

Has anyone had any problems with them spotting? I do not use bleach in my laundry, but it looks like they all have bleach spots.

I know what you're talking about.
However, I don't have any light spot on Charisma towel.

I have a few spots on the older Grandeur towels.

I am still stumped how those spots happen. If I accidentally spill bleach, I should get larger spots. I don't know..

Yes, I have had the same problem with my new purple ones. Nearly every one of them has bleach spots on them and I don't use bleach either. It is crazy. I'm going to take mine back because they just keep getting worse with every wash.

I TOO have had my Costco Charisma towels not only developed bleach spots, despite not being exposed to peroxide or bleach, but the entire towels "color shift", and each one in different ways! I had purchased a lovely, aqua, color, only to have some of them change to a pale blue after laundering. I purchased my set early in 2013. I purchased bath towels, hand towels and washcloths, and a floor mat. The floormat developed the most spots.

Have you people never bought new towels before. Even extremely expensive towels tend to leave a lot of lint behind until they have been washed a half dozen times. It goes with the territory. The more you wash them the less lint they produce and the more absorbent they become.

I bought some of these towels recently. They are a total disappointment. Not only does half the towel end up in the lint filter, but they shed all over the bathroom and your body. Large threads hang off and they also pill! The dark brown ones are the worst I have ever seen. I bought J. C. Penney towels at the same time and have not had any where near the problems that I have with the Costco towels. They are a terrible product

I had a different problem with the Charisma towels form Costco.
I bought the whole set in the berry like color, washed them once before use, all bath towels frayed at the edges and large amounts of strings came out.
I returned the whole set, looked for similar ones elsewhere because I really liked the way they felt.
I Couldn't find anything good in the price range of my Costco towels so I bought the same entire set again in the berry and in the grey too. I washed them and they seem ok so far, I will be watching them for fraying and if it happens again I will return them.
I wanted to give it one more try because they are really nice and they sell at Bloomingdale's for $25 for a bath towel and on sale they go for $19.

I agree with the reviewers that you can't beat a good quality towel that sometimes comes at a price. A good towel usually does not lint excessively even after the first wash. It also needs to be soft, doesn't fray and well absorbant with continuous use. 

 I believe I have purchased Grandeur towels from Target some years ago. At the time I thought it was good but found that over time it sort of lost that "softness" feel to it. I'm not sure if this is due to frequent use or washing. As a single person, I only own 1 towel for showering so it gets used and washed quite frequent. 

There was an article a year ago that was written about the low quality towels sold at Costco. I tend to stay away from these types of items at costco because of the lack of selections. I want to be able to touch multiple towels and feel the difference from each brand. Sometimes the same brand may have a different feel to their own towels so i don't particulary favor this inconsistencies from a brand. That just makes me feel so insecure. I like to invest a little more in towels because it's something that we use daily and at multiple times throughout the day. So, it needs to meet certain standards. 

Right now I'm using towels from Sears. It's pricey at $25/pt for extra long but so far it has met all of my standards.  


I purchased four of these whent they were on sale a few months back. Two of them have frayed on the edges, and all of them have pulled threads everywhere. I usually find Costco items to be of the highest quality, but these towels were a disappointment. I am sure Costco would accept them back for a full refund but, unfortunately, the receipt for them has faded too much to read.

You don't need a receipt. If you have a good idea of when you bought them, they can look up the purchase date by searching the purchases made on your membership number.

I bought Charisma towels 15 years ago--they are still perfect. Wanting more hand towels, I got a package at Costco.
Charisma quality is now very bad: the hand towels shrank 2 inches in length, 1 in width. The edges are also 'ruffled', the towels no longer can lay flat. I checked another site for Charisma complaints--and they all say what I said. They will be returned. HOPEFULLY, Costco will return to selling their previous brand of towels, Grandeur--as the poster above speaks about.