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Unscented Please

(Oh boy, here I go..)

How come so many deodorants, after shaves, and lotions have stupid smell to it?  Why is it so difficult to find decent unscented aftershave?

I don't like the smell of every single aftershave in the market.  I don't care if they are from Channel or Old Spice. They are all disgusting.  I hate 'em.

I don't want to smell like a grand father.  I don't want to smell like a college kid who likes clubbing a lot.

They call it "Cool Breeze", "Sports Scent", and whatever... that doesn't make sense.  Why advertise your armpit smell?  Everyone knows that smell is coming out from the pits of your arms.  That's disgusting.

Do they have such smell convention for feminine care products?  if I was a woman, I would hate my tampon to smell, period (no pun intended).  I don't want anyone to associate the fragrance with my vagina.  That's horrible.

I believe "No Smell" is way to go.  Am I the only person thinking this way?

unscented deodorant
This morning..



No... i don't like scented stuff. I can't have fresh breeze for my armpits and jasmine for my panties then clean linen for the panty liner those are just dead give aways.

Fragrance in these products cause me to itch. I'd rather just buy bottles of perfumes. I can choose how I want to smell in a particular day. 


By bleufacez

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