Update – July 4, 2019. I am here.

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Oh My God.. I need to tell you about my latest obsession with my sewing machine and hemming pants. I have 60 pairs of pants in my regular rotation, and I plan to hem most of them. I hem my pants in 3-4 different lengths to accommodate different shoes/boots. Also, some pants look better at certain lengths.

I stopped sleeping in my master bedroom. Now I sleep in my guest bedroom (nap room). I have concluded that I get better sleep and have more vivid dreams in the guest bedroom. I know it sounds insane, but there is no mistaking. I get better sleep in my nap room, on the cheaper mattress.

I completely disagree with this person below. She’s supposed to be a professional. (???)

Girlfriend, I ALWAYS wake up and decide what color I will wear that day. Always. Some mornings I say that exact phrase – “I am having a purple day“. Picking the color of the day gets me going in the morning. You’ve seen my Instagram. It’s all about picking a color in the morning. If you decide clothes depend on who you see that day, you may be a prostitute or a clown.

Happy 4th of July. Talk to you soon. 🙂

My closet (in the making) – sewing machine on the table.