Urinal By the Door – Not Cool.

I took this picture at a fast food restaurant.

This is the worst spot to put a urinal.

Sometimes restroom doors don’t lock.  Sometimes (female) employee can open the door with a key.  There are number of reasons why somebody can open the restroom door while you are taking care of business.

When somebody opens the door, I would like that person to look at my back side from far away.  I will say something like "Sorry, the door doesn’t lock".  And we will be embarrassed a little.

But, look at this picture.  This is the worst place to put a urinal.  Sometimes I open the restroom door just a little to make sure nobody is using the restroom.   With this setting, I will open the door just a little and get an eyeful.

Anyway, when I used this urinal, I put my left and over the door just in case.