Yankee Candle is Not the Best :(

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I am still fascinated by scented candles, and how they affect people’s lives. Good candles will make hot Summer days feel like a vacation. Candles will make you feel cozy on rainy days. It’s a magical ritual. Candles can be fun, sexy, and relaxing.

I want to know more about the art and science behind good scented candles. I want to find out how I can spend the least amount of money and get the best candles this world can offer.

I plan to purchase several candles soon. I hope I don’t go crazy (oh boy).

It didn’t take long to realize that Yankee Candle is not the best (still pretty good).

I went through eyeglass & silk tie obsessions. I am now obsessed with scented candles. And it’s only the beginning.

There will be more stories and pictures about scented candles… coming up.

PS. Just a reminder. I am a straight man. But I wouldn’t blame you if you think otherwise.

Update 2021 – I currently have 40-50 scented candles on display, mostly Yankee.