Yankee Candle Is The Best


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Currently I have 2 jars of Yankee Candles and 6 bottles of Essenza fragrance (diffusers).  I enjoy good smell, what can I say.

Then, I recently spent $20.00 on eBay to sample scented oils.

I was looking for the best and the cheapest Christmas, Winter, & Fall smells.  Summer will be over in 3 months.  I think it’s reasonable that I am looking for fall & winter smells.

Anyway, I thought Yankee Candles were too expensive.  I thought there had to be cheaper ways to enjoy good smell, especially Christmas smell.

So, I spent countless hours searching for scented oil suppliers.  Some of them stated that their scented oil is premium quality and not diluted.  I bought total 4 bottles of scented oils from various suppliers.

I was very excited when the first package arrived, then I quickly became disappointed.  I was irritated because smell of that scented oil was terrible.  It smelled so cheap.  Then, rest of the oils arrived over the week.  It was like a freak show.  One smelled worse than the other.  They were totally useless.  I am so tired…

I am officially done with scented oil.

I officially made my own conclusion – Yankee Candle is the best.  All the cheap oil products suck.  Cheaper products smell cheap.  I work very hard so I can spend extra money on finer things.  I will not agonize over a few bucks and live in an apartment that smells like aisle 7 at 99 Cents Only Store.

If you guys know any cheaper, better, and convenient way to bring Christmas smell in my apartment, please let me know.  Or feel free to send me some. Contact me for my mailing address.  If you are scented oil vendor, and if you think you have good products, send me some for cool review.  Somebody prove me wrong.

I am obsessed about candles. This is all I think about lately.

Why Yankee Candles

  1. To me, candles are better than reed diffusers.  Because, if I break out the diffuser, I have to leave it out open until the entire unit is used up.  With Yankee Candles, I can just blow out the candle and switch to different candle if I want to.
  2. I think Yankee Candle is the best scented candle maker.  Again, if you know any better makers PLEASE let me know.
  3. I tried boiling cinnamon.  I also tried scented oils.  It’s just too much work.  I am totally wiped out.  All this effort isn’t worth it.  I will gladly pay extra and get the good stuff.
  4. I am following Yankee Candle & Bed Bath and Beyond websites.  I also receive newsletters from both websites.  I aim to buy several jars of candles when the time is right.  Large jars go for $26 plus tax (or shipping).  I think I can buy them at $12-$13 each. I’ll just have to wait.

It will be nice if there is somebody living with me who already has experience in this area, preferably a female.  Hm..

Smell you later Cool

*Update (September 14, 2013): I no longer live in the apartment.  I discovered that there are plenty of candle makers who are better than Yankee Candles.  I discovered that burning candles produce cancer causing chemicals.  I learned that soy wax candles are better.  And I have dated local scented candle dealer.