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Hi, I am well and doing good. I’ve been busy last 10 days. One thing after another… with some boring stuff.

My computer was dying, so I had to rebuild one fast. I’ve been building computers since the 90s. I built this computer 9 years ago. I usually run my computer 24 hours a day, and this machine didn’t let me down. It was with me every day from a government subsidized apartment to a three-bedroom house. It broke down a few times, but I found quick fixes to keep it running. You can see a wire holding a fan (picture).

Computer I built in 2012

Officially killing my computer was bittersweet. I cannot deny that there was a weird connection between me and my computer. As I opened the computer, I could feel the joy and happiness of the time I was building this machine. I was poor, but I was happier. Everything was more exciting and more fun 9 years ago. I had to watch every penny, but DANG, it was so much fun. Some of you guys remember how much fun I had with so little money. It was a good time.

Building a computer is a straightforward process. High school kids build computers for fun. But there is a possibility of something going wrong. I was lucky this time. My new computer was up and running in 4 hours. I like this computer. It’s very good and fast. I look forward to getting older with this computer.

I kept the case, so the computer looks the same from the outside.

Now I need to catch up on some Costco blogs. I will regroup and get back to you soon. Please take care.

New computer ready to go inside the case – Feb 2021
Good Prices on SSD Drives
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1st Costco Shopping in 2021 – $107.24 today / $107.24 this year

I see some good prices on portable SSD (Solid State Drives) at Costco website.

Costco usually don’t have the best deals on computer stuff. But… I’ve been saying it from my past experience. Maybe things have changed. I need to pay attention to Costco’s computer products. 1TB portable SSD for $100 is pretty good (free shipping). And it’s backed by Costco. I couldn’t find a better deal on this. So, I ordered one. Check it out. Keywords: Portable SSD

Old HP Printer
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A printer is a vital tool to conduct business or take care of personal matters. Even if you are just a casual computer user, there will be time you need a printer. When that time comes, a working printer will save your day.

I have an HP laser printer (Laserjet P1005) sitting behind a computer monitor.

  • I bought the printer in 2008 and started to use it in 2010. It’s been reliable for over 10 years so far. I like this printer.
  • The printer was $50 (free shipping) brand new at Newegg. It was super cheap.
  • It only prints in black. To me, a color printer means extra hassle. Also, I spent an unjustifiable amount of money on color cartridges in the past. There was no “refill” back then. I will never own a color printer. No, I don’t miss printing business cards and CD album covers while listening to Spice Girls.
  • For this printer, I spend $30 on toner, and they last 2-3 years. I keep 2 backup toners, just in case.
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