I Cancelled Cable TV


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I have hated cable companies my entire life. They slowly jack up the price little by little. And, before we know it, we’re paying $120/m for cable TV. Cable companies should lower the price as we stay loyal to them. But no, they screw you again and again.

Millions of us, including myself, gave up our retirement and pay $70 – $150/mo on cable TV. In America, poor people receiving food stamps have cable TV. If we were to invest $100/mo all our adult lives instead of paying for cable TV, we could have almost one million dollars, possibly more, when we retire. Think about it. I am sick to my stomach.

Anyway, they raised my cable price yet again, to $150.40. $150 was my personal limit. I promised to myself that I will not pay more than $150 for cable/phone/internet. So, I called Spectrum and said I will not pay over $150.00. I would take a 40 Cents discount or else.

Instead of giving me a 40 Cents discount, they stood firm and granted my request to end my cable service. They seemed eager to let me go.


One hour later, they sent me a bill for internet & phone services for $104/mo. So, I called them again and got rid of stuff I don’t need. Now my monthly bill for internet and phone was down to $79.98/m. I think that’s still too much.

I joined Hulu and signed up for live TV & enhanced DVR for $64.98/mo. Hulu is just like any other cable TV provider. I get most local channels and the picture quality is just as good. I purchased Fire Stick 4K for it ($40). Now my monthly bill for Cable/Phone/Internet is $144.96.

I will never pay more than $70/mo for television service. $70/mo still seems too expensive to me.

As I make more money I feel more bitter towards cable TV. It’s not just the money. But, by watching too much TV, I am eating away my opportunity to become a better person. Television is just as harmful as drugs and fatty foods. I just sit alone at home and watch TV aimlessly, instead of looking for love or pursuing my dying dreams. I enjoy TV instead of enjoying life. That’s pathetic and sad. Now I understand why a lot of intelligent people don’t have a TV. They were not snotty, but they were truly better than me. I must do something about it.

For now, I am glad I cut the cable. No more cable bills that creep up. Cable companies can kiss my ass.

I shall regroup and try to lower my bills further.

Related Blog: Cable Price is Insulting (Jan 22, 2019)

Ever-increasing cable bills.