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Hot Topic: New Costco Toilet Paper

You've asked for it: There is a Toilet Paper that could beat Costco toilet papers in both quality and price.

Angel Soft, Double Rolls, from Amazon, 48 Count for $22.63 (Eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25). = $0.47 / Roll

IMPORTANT: Amazon's price goes up and down. Double check price!

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My song of the day (January 8, 2014): My past Song of The Day's
I didn't have song of the day for about 11 months. Finally, I started to play my new guitars (4 of them). I hope to learn this guitar solo. It's "One Way Out" by Allman Brothers Band.

Costco Shopping - September 18, 2014

Beef jerky was for the guys at mail annex (mail guys at my work).  I've been doing a lot of online shoppings lately.  Some of them are adult related products... So, I thought I would bribe them just in case.

Besides that, boring stuff... I've been doing very good saving money.


Dating Website Conversation - Case Study #1

* Also, Sign of getting old. :(

I am currently on a dating website.  Online dating works very well for me. I believe I have the secret formula to succeed in online dating. (detail skipped).


Today, two girls "like"d me.  So I took time to write a thank you email to one of them.  I kept the conversation light.  I thanked her for liking me.  And I asked her questions so she would have something to talk about.  I thought I shall pick up from there.

And... below is how the conversation went. 

Her reply turned me off.  She completely ignored my first email.  It was awkward to me.  There was no way she and I could enjoy fun conversation if this thoughtless 1 liner reply was any indication.  She clearly had better things to do than talking to me. 

So, I had to reply her to show my frustration.  I hope she doesn't write me back.

Am I grumpy? Am I too picky?

Costco Shopping - September 5, 2014

Nothing special today.

I am enjoying them peanuts..  it's a good batch.

Costco Coupons: September 4 - September 28, 2014

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Thanks to Adamcos

Replaced a Garbage Disposal

Boring story..  I replaced a gabage disposal.

I found the exact same unit from Home Depot... it took about 30 minutes to replace.  It could have been a nightmare if I couldn't find exact same unit.

I got lucky.

Boring... ZZzz....


Can I visit you for a weekend?

I've been asking this question for about 4-5 Summers now.  I haven't had any response yet.  But, I ask time to time.

I would like to visit my website visitor for a weekend.  I live in Southern California (close to Pacific Ocean).  I can travel far to see you.  I am hoping you will pick me up at the airport if needed, and take me to Costco shopping.  Ideally, I would arrive at your place Friday night, spend Saturday to visit Costco and relax at your place, and say good-bye early Sunday morning.  My goal is to relax and make memory, I don't want anything special.

I can keep you company when you work around your place, walk your dogs, take kids to the park, etc... 

If you are my regular visitor and interested in inviting me for the weekend , contact me.

PS. If you are my regular visitor, you know I've been poor all my life.  I am not picky. :)

God bless.

Update: I am talking to 1 person in Georgia right now~!! Georgia!  how cool is that?  Anyway, my request still stands, please let me know if you are interested.

Costco Coupons - August 7 - August 31, 2014

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Thanks to Adamcos - Please check it out. He Needs Backers

Please check this out - this project is started by my regular visitor.

### Read below ###

..I wanted to let you know about a website I am working on. It is called and basically the idea is for single people (like me) to be able to connect with other people to split big purchases at costco (ie 36 rolls of toilet paper, 18 rolls of papertowels, etc).

If you have any desire to check it out, I am doing a kickstarter campaign. I am looking to hire someone to work on some of the more technical parts of the build for the website.

First Sign of Christmas 2014

I saw the first sign of Christmas at Costco on July 25, 2014.

I don't like getting old.  I am losing excitement on Christmas... I am tired and busy.  I just want to lay down and take a nap.

I hope I will enjoy Christmas this year.  Last Christmas was the worst time of my life (some of you remember... it's getting close to 1 year already)

God bless everyone.

I am sorry for not updating my blog.  Things are changing.  I've been busy.  I am not negative.  I am positive... I'm just busy.  Keep in touch.

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