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  • Hi, I am John. I started this Costco blog in 2008 and never stopped blogging. I represent single people living alone. (about me)
  • The goal of my blog is to kill time and share love. And, I love Costco, so I talk about Costco a lot. I truly believe Costco adds value to my life.
  • If you hate Costco for its long lines, you probably hate your family members for eating too slow. Enjoy your family. Enjoy Costco. The lines aren’t that bad, really.
  • Let me know if you would like to write a Costco blog here with me.

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Costco Coupons, Member-Only Savings, June-July 2024

Valid June 19 – July 21, 2024

  • I will buy the pillows – possibly two sets.
  • Charmin toilet paper is not on sale. They are long overdue.

Charmin toilet paper on sale

After writing this blog I checked the Costco website and saw Charmin bathroom tissues on sale. They were on sale for 9 days only (the sale ends June 16, 2024). I happened to drive by a Costco warehouse today, so I picked up two 30-packs and saved $13. They were $23.49 each after savings. This reminded me to visit the Costco website occasionally.

If you are budget-minded, the Kirkland Signature brand gives you a better value for money. You get more for money with KS toilet paper at a regular price, compared to the sales price of Charmin. I had used KS toilet paper for many years. I bought a pack of Charmin a few years ago to see why they cost more. I’ve been buying Charmin since then. Kirkland Signature is good. Charmin is fancier.

Ajinomoto Gyoza, Japanese style dumplings, at Costco

Available at Costco locations in the Pacific NW.

Ajinomoto Gyozas are available at select Costco locations. Cooking is simple. The instruction may seem tricky with the “flip” at the end. But watch the video. It’s simple. Of course, you don’t have to flip. Oh, you don’t know flip? then watch this short video below. I don’t get paid for this video. I don’t blog for money.

Gourmia FoodStation – Smokeless Grill

Gourmia FoodStation (GGA2180) is available at Costco and everywhere else.

The FoodStation is a Smokeless grill, griddle, and air fryer – that you can also bake, roast, and dehydrate. What intrigued me the most was the Smoke Extractor. It’s supposed to extract smoke. So, I can cook indoors and there will be no smoke. So, I grilled some meat on the kitchen table, multiple times. I think the Smoke Extractor works, or I will not cook on the kitchen table multiple times. The first 40 seconds of the video should be definitive. The first 40 seconds may be all you need to watch.

Everything else about FoodStation is predictable (in a good way). With its unique design, I can cook all kinds of food. If your living situation doesn’t allow a full-size kitchen, FoodStation is a must. Perhaps there are other products like this available. But Costco only sells Gourmia products so… here it is. 🙂

Small electronic kitchen appliances are tricky to review because some people are mechanically challenged. Some people are naturally bad at cooking. For those reasons, I hesitate to say things like “It’s easy to use.” or “Cook. until it’s done.” I stood neutral and cooked some food, using FoodStation. I recorded my experience for you to see.

*Wash the unit before the first use.