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Hot Topic: New Costco Toilet Paper

You've asked for it: There is a Toilet Paper that could beat Costco toilet papers in both quality and price.

Angel Soft, Double Rolls, from Amazon, 48 Count for $22.63 (Eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25). = $0.47 / Roll

IMPORTANT: Amazon's price goes up and down. Double check price!

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My song of the day (January 8, 2014): My past Song of The Day's
I didn't have song of the day for about 11 months. Finally, I started to play my new guitars (4 of them). I hope to learn this guitar solo. It's "One Way Out" by Allman Brothers Band.

Costco Toilet Papers - Big Changes

I am Sorry Costco. We love you, but this topic is not going away.
200+ Comments and counting...

You've asked for it: There is a Toilet Paper that could beat Costco toilet papers in both quality and price.  // IMPORTANT: This deal goes on and off.  Price goes up and down.  Make sure to double check price before buying ($22.63 & Eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25)

Angel Soft, Double Rolls, from Amazon, 48 Count for $22.63 (Eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25). = $0.47 / Roll

*People are not happy with Costco's new toilet papers (I still think they are the best deal).  Read comments. 


There has been big changes on Costco (Kirkland Signature) toilet papers.

  • Old Costco toilet papers came in packages of 36 rolls.  The new package contains 30 rolls.
  • Old Costco toilet papers were individually wrapped.  The new Costco toilet papers are packaged as 6 pack.
  • New Costco toilet papers are supposed to be softer and thicker.  I do believe they are slightly softer and thicker.  I am beginning to wonder if they are not as strong, which can be a problem.
  • Old Costco toilet papers were $17.99 for 36 rolls - this comes out to be $.50 each roll ($0.499722222) - this is a very good price.
  • New Costco toilet papers are $14.99 for 30 rolls - this comes out to be $.50 each roll ($0.499666666).  So, per roll price was not changed.
  • New rolls of toilet papers are too large (fat) for toilet paper holder.

People are not happy about the changes.  If there are better toilet papers (better deal) I would like to know, so please leave me a note.

Old Costco (Kirkland Signature) Toilet Papers packaging
Image from past blog - July 25, 2012

Costco Kirkland Signature Toilet PapersNew Costco toilet papers in 6 pack in the middle.
Older, single packages also shown.

Costco Toilet Papers comparisonNewer Costco toilet paper is visibly larger and darker in color.
Older Costco toilet paper is on the right. (smaller and brighter)


After thought:
I wanted to shoot a demonstration video by using peanut butter as sample prop.  Then I decided not to do that due to the fact that a lot of people may find it distasteful.


(boring story) Waiting for Calvin Klein Jeans at Costco

* Warning, extremely boring story... BUT, a lot of my visitors love my boring stories.  So, here we go.

I am waiting for black Calvin Klein jeans at Costco.  I've been waiting for them for a few years now. I want size 30x30.

My waist size goes up and down, so I keep 30, 31, & 32 inch waist jeans.

I've been enjoying my 30" waist for last 3 months.   I think I look the best in 30" waist.  I look like a rock star.  I had 31 inch waist for last 10-15 years.  Did you know most professional body builders have 29" - 31" waist when they compete?

Sometimes I completely lose it and expand to 32".  It takes a few months to get back to 31" - it's not easy to lose 1 inch.

I have about 20 pairs of 32" waist dress pants.  I bought a whole bunch for my old job.  Now I don't work there any more.  Black jeans are fine at my new job.  It is so much efficient to wear jeans at work.  I can wear same pair of jeans for 3 days straight.  And I don't have to iron my pants.

So, below is my jeans breakdown / shopping list.

  • 30 Inches
    • Currently own - 1 black, 2 blue
    • Need to buy - 4 black, 0 blue
  • 31 Inches
    • Currently own - 3 black, 2 blue
    • Need to buy - 2 black (and trash old blacks).
  • 32 Inches
    • Currently own - 1 black, 1 blue
    • Need to buy - 0

 *Since Costco doesn't sell 31" waist jeans, I'll have to get them elsewhere.

Happy Sunday - I Love Costco.

Sunday morning is always calm and glorious.  I enjoy my Sunday morning.

I am having Sunday coffee in my Sunday coffee mug.  Coffee is from Costco, of course. Chocolate cookies and Brie cheese are also from Costco. Smile

I truly enjoy my coffee and snacks from Costco.  They elevate my life-style.  I don't appreciate it often enough that I enjoy such nice products in my everyday life.  I wouldn't know what to do if there was no Costco.  Where else can buy these kind of quality products at low Costco price?  I mean, seriously, I would like to know.

When I used to live in the apartment, I would make my Sunday coffee and walk outside.  And I would say good morning to some of my neighbors.  I miss that story-book moments.  I miss that human interactions.

Of course, being in my own house is amazing.

Happy Sunday everyone. Take care... keep in touch.

Costco Shopping - October 2, 2014

I take vitamin D3 so I never have to get out for Sunlight. :)

I always keep 9V batteries at home.  I need 9V batteries once in a while.  When I do, I need them desperately.  I have a bunch of rechargeable batteries (AA, AAA, & 9v), but there are places for regular alkaline batteries.

Lamb shanks are my weekend treat.  They better be good.

I've been doing good refraining myself from buying expensive toys.  To be honest, I think I have everything I want.  I live below my means.  I would like a convertible. but I'm in no hurry on that.

Ps. I didn't like the lamb shank. Perhaps it's an acquired taste. Anyway, there was no taste, and meat as not tender enough for me. I guess some people might like it (?). I should remember not to get them again. Because NOW I remember I bought these lamb shanks in 2009 and I didn't like them. I didn't share my disappointment back then.


Baby Cake

Somebody at my work had a new baby.  Yum...

Costco Shopping - September 2014

A few more pic from September 2014

Q-Tips will last me about 5 years.

Speaking of Q-Tips.  I buy Q-tips for only one reason, to clean my ear canals.  But, on the package, Q-Tips warn us not to clean ear canal.  I guess there are lot of law suits due to stupid people hurting themselves.

Costco Coupons: October 2 - October 26, 2014

You can check out August Costco Coupons from below link

Thanks to Adamcos

Costco Shopping - September 18, 2014

Beef jerky was for the guys at mail annex (mail guys at my work).  I've been doing a lot of online shoppings lately.  Some of them are adult related products... So, I thought I would bribe them just in case.

Besides that, boring stuff... I've been doing very good saving money.


Dating Website Conversation - Case Study #1

* Also, Sign of getting old. :(

I am currently on a dating website.  Online dating works very well for me. I believe I have the secret formula to succeed in online dating. (detail skipped).


Today, two girls "like"d me.  So I took time to write a thank you email to one of them.  I kept the conversation light.  I thanked her for liking me.  And I asked her questions so she would have something to talk about.  I thought I shall pick up from there.

And... below is how the conversation went. 

Her reply turned me off.  She completely ignored my first email.  It was awkward to me.  There was no way she and I could enjoy fun conversation if this thoughtless 1 liner reply was any indication.  She clearly had better things to do than talking to me. 

So, I had to reply her to show my frustration.  I hope she doesn't write me back.

Am I grumpy? Am I too picky?

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