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Hot Topic: New Costco Toilet Paper

You've asked for it: There is a Toilet Paper that could beat Costco toilet papers in both quality and price.

Angel Soft, Double Rolls, from Amazon, 48 Count for $22.63 (Eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25). = $0.47 / Roll

IMPORTANT: Amazon's price goes up and down. Double check price!

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My song of the day (January 8, 2014): My past Song of The Day's
I didn't have song of the day for about 11 months. Finally, I started to play my new guitars (4 of them). I hope to learn this guitar solo. It's "One Way Out" by Allman Brothers Band.

Costco Shopping - July 1, 2014

It's July already.  Christmas is coming to Costco in 4-5 weeks.

There is a tower fan on the bottom of the cart.

I am looking forward to 4th of July weekend.  I can use a nap.

OMG, I'm sorry - busy and lazy.

I am goind good.

I am just busy and lazy. Sorry.
Not much fun stuff going on here. Just working...

I will keep in touch.

Costco Coupons - June 12 - July 6, 2014

Costco coupons kickes in today. Click to view coupons.

(Thanks to adamcos)

Costco Shoppings - May 2014

I am losing touch.  I haven't been keeping update with my blog.  I am very distracted lately.  I hope I get my stuff together.

God bless you all.  Keep in touch!

3 costco shoppings:

May 28, 2014

Turkey jerky was for my coworker (he gave me money for it).

 May 12, 2014

I finished Garlic Chicken already.  I should get one more before the coupon expires in June 1.

May 5, 2014
Boring, boring...

Costco Coupons - May 8 - June 1, 2014

Sorry about my late entry.  Click to view coupons.

(thanks to adamcos)

Costco Shopping - April 28, 2014

I am not shopping at Costco as much lately.  Also, I don't see much exciting "Big Ticket Items" at Costco anymore.  I think, maybe, it's because I did a lot of shopping over the years.

I don't have any clothes to buy, I don't want any more electronic gadgets, I bought 4 guitars last year, I have a big screen TV, I have a nice bed...  I just focus on keeping myself healthy... and... I think I'm all set.  I'm just waiting to die.  Haha~!!

Anyway, if I have money, I would like to spend on home improvement and save for my next car.

I hope Costco will stock some exciting stuff.  But, I cannot think of anything I want to buy at this mement.  So, my slow and boring Costco shopping continues. Oh, don't get me wrong, I love Costco shopping.  I enjoy it a lot.  I just don't have much to buy lately.

I'm doing good. Just busy & lazy


This note is for my regular visitors.  Just in case you guys are wondering...

I am doing good. I'm just busy and lazy.

I haven't been to Costco lately.  I have a mountain of work to do.

Maybe I'll go to Costco after work today, but I will pick up boring stuff (eggs, chicken, vitamin...). Maybe they will have something exciting at Costco. I will keep my eyes open for them.

Anyway, boring, boring...  and busy at work.

Talk to you later.

PS.  I started to exercise again.  I am now wearing 30" waist jeans.  I feel young again.  I feel 39.  Smile   I've been using Windows XP all this time.  I finally switched to Windows 7 (pro).  I am a computer guy, so the process was painless and fun.

Costco Toilet Papers - Big Changes

I am Sorry Costco. We love you, but this topic is not going away.
160+ Comments and counting...

You've asked for it: There is a Toilet Paper that could beat Costco toilet papers in both quality and price.  // IMPORTANT: This deal goes on and off.  Price goes up and down.  Make sure to double check price before buying ($22.63 & Eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25)

Angel Soft, Double Rolls, from Amazon, 48 Count for $22.63 (Eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25). = $0.47 / Roll

*People are not happy with Costco's new toilet papers (I still think they are the best deal).  Read comments. 


There has been big changes on Costco (Kirkland Signature) toilet papers.

  • Old Costco toilet papers came in packages of 36 rolls.  The new package contains 30 rolls.
  • Old Costco toilet papers were individually wrapped.  The new Costco toilet papers are packaged as 6 pack.
  • New Costco toilet papers are supposed to be softer and thicker.  I do believe they are slightly softer and thicker.  I am beginning to wonder if they are not as strong, which can be a problem.
  • Old Costco toilet papers were $17.99 for 36 rolls - this comes out to be $.50 each roll ($0.499722222) - this is a very good price.
  • New Costco toilet papers are $14.99 for 30 rolls - this comes out to be $.50 each roll ($0.499666666).  So, per roll price was not changed.
  • New rolls of toilet papers are too large (fat) for toilet paper holder.

People are not happy about the changes.  If there are better toilet papers (better deal) I would like to know, so please leave me a note.

Old Costco (Kirkland Signature) Toilet Papers packaging
Image from past blog - July 25, 2012

Costco Kirkland Signature Toilet PapersNew Costco toilet papers in 6 pack in the middle.
Older, single packages also shown.

Costco Toilet Papers comparisonNewer Costco toilet paper is visibly larger and darker in color.
Older Costco toilet paper is on the right. (smaller and brighter)


After thought:
I wanted to shoot a demonstration video by using peanut butter as sample prop.  Then I decided not to do that due to the fact that a lot of people may find it distasteful.


Costco Shopping - April 11, 2014

I try to eat good (better).

Several months ago, I stopped adding salt on my cooking altogether.  I don't add salt when I eat anything.  After several months of avoiding salt, if I eat salty food I can feel my tongue burning from too much sodium.  But, I still miss taste of salt... I want some kind of seasoning.

I bought a bottle of "No Salt Seasoning" by Kirkland Signature.  I guess I'm not the only one asking for such product.

I bought a bottle of balsamic vinaigrette so I would enjoy salad without adding fatty dressing.  I try to come up with my own low-fat dressing. 

All the other items I bought pretty much show I am thinking about eating better.  (Oatmeal, fat free milk, fish, pumpkin flax plus granola).

Let's see how long I will keep it up.

Brie cheese is a treat. :)

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