Greetings, About John

Hi, I am John. Thank you for visiting.

  • I created this website in 2008 – and I never stopped blogging.
  • This website is my hobby. I don’t make money from it. I just want to share the joy of Costco shopping and have fun.
  • Originally, my blog was interesting because I was poor. But In 2012, with my new job and a new house, that unique quality had disappeared. I am still struggling to find a personality for my website. I may move on to another project.
  • My website has a hidden agenda about photography – I want to show you that anyone can enjoy photography with a cheap camera and a smartphone.
  • I always keep in mind that some of my visitors live alone and feel lonely. I try to represent single people living alone.
  • I live in California, somewhat close to the ocean.
  • I am a single, straight male. I live alone.
  • I was poor all my life.
    • Some of my visitors remember when I used to be poor and happy. I have so many pleasant memories from the time I was poor. Being poor was not bad. Back then, going to Costco every Friday was such a joy.
    • Costco motivated me when I was poor. Costco was the place I could go and look at a variety of high-quality products. I often went to Costco just to look at stuff and daydream.
    • I am financially better now, but not wealthy. I became a homeowner in 2012.
    • I am worried that my pictures will trick you to think that I am rich, or you may think I am arrogant. But they are only pictures. Don’t let pictures fool you.
    • I want you to know that my root is humble. I am still not comfortable talking about my improved financial situation. I am the same guy from 10 years ago. I enjoy value meals at Wendy’s, and I can sleep on the hardwood floor.
November 17, 2004, My Studio Apartment. Eating Dinner and watching 9 inch TV. I found that easy chair (in the background) at the dumpster. The temperature inside that apartment often reached over 100 degrees – sometimes for 72 hours straight. We were not allowed to own an air conditioner (government-subsidized apartment). All my dinnerware and silverware were second-hand.
  • I am not young. I work with co-workers 15-20 yrs younger than I am. 
  • I worked for UPS for 2 years (a long time ago). I was a sorter. I used to remember hundreds of zip codes.
  • I enjoy going to garage sales. I never miss a Saturday morning. (I haven’t been to a garage sale since the pandemic)
  • Photography and computer are the specialties that I perform at the professional level. They are also my hobby.
  • I have an AS degree in photography. I photographed hundreds of weddings and events. I have met some celebrities as well. Once my picture was published in Billboard Magazine.
    • For my blog, I use a point-and-shoot camera and iPhone.
  • I also have a BS degree in Computer. Currently, I work for a large company as a web developer.
  • And finally: If you have Airbnb and have some free time to spend with me, please contact me from here. I would like to experience how people live an ordinary, boring, everyday life outside of California. I can help you with chores such as moving furniture, cleaning the rain gutter, feeding animals, harvesting crops, taking your family pictures, helping you with computers, serving customers, walking dogs, going to Costco…

I’m just a normal guy who makes a fair amount of mistakes. Please don’t take things personally. Correct me when I make a mistake.

God bless everyone.