Costco Shopping – September 18, 2020
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25th Costco Shopping in 2020 – $147.87 today / $1,821.66 this year

I took a sick day from work so I could go to Costco first thing Friday morning when it’s not busy. Sick day was justifiable because I got 2 vaccines today, shingles and flu.

Costco Vaccination Process

Before going to Costco, I visited Costco’s immunization page and downloaded immunization consent form. They wanted 2 copies. I didn’t make an appointment, but I went to Costco pharmacy at 9:15 AM (unofficial opening hour). There was nobody in the line. The process was smooth.

  • A gentleman greeted me at the “Patience Counseling” window. I gave him my immunization consent form.
    • I filled out a short questionnaire to declare I was not sick.
    • He checked my insurance card and settled the payment. ($29.53 total).
    • He checked the temperature off my forehead.
    • I was told to wait 15 minutes and go to the pickup window
  • At the pickup window, I paid $29.53 with my HSA debit card.
    • Afterthought – I was stupid to use HSA card. HSA account earns high interest, just like 401k. I should grow my HSA account until I retire. I will pay all my medical expenses with cash if I can.
  • Several minutes later, my name was called.

Costco Adult Immunization Program

Christmas in Costco

I enjoy looking for the first sign of Christmas in Costco.

As I do every year, I took pictures of Christmas decorations and sent them to several friends. As always, they texted me back with “Already?” “Too soon” and “Yikes” – They knew I was loving it.

European cookies are back for the season. These cookies are part of my life. I have never run out of these cookies for over 10 years. Every year I buy a few cans of these cookies and freeze them. I enjoy them every weekend with coffee.

I saw a cool Halloween decoration and an interesting kitchen item (pictures below).

I spent over 2 hours inside Costco warehouse. Members only savings saved $15.80.

One Rotisserie chicken, a hand sanitizer, and Whisps chips are for my friend who can use a cheer up gift.

Strawberries were just OK (not bad). It was about 7 out of 10 on taste scale.

I came home, took a shower, put away food, vacuum-packed rotisserie chickens, and made chicken stock with the bones. I finally had time to rest around 3 pm. I was exhausted (don’t get old). It’s a lot of work to live alone and do everything alone.

I guess my next Costco shopping is when I get a Thanksgiving turkey. This year’s turkey will be epic. -E-P-I-C-

We survived 6 months of pandemic. Perhaps we repeat this a few more times. God bless everyone. Please take care.

First Hint of Christmas at Costco, 2018
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I was a little disappointed that these ribbons didn’t scream “CHRISTMAS”

Ribbons were at Costco on August 1st, 2018, just as I expected. But they didn’t have any obvious Christmas designs such as snowflakes or Santa. Still, these ribbons are hinting at us to get ready for Christmas.

Christmas Moment
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I contacted my friend Friday (Dec 22nd) and convinced her to come out after work for a “Christmas experience”. Both she and I get off work late. We were tired, but I told her she will look back and cherish the moment – that we must force ourselves to create some kind of Christmas moment before it’s gone.

The entire night I played my favorite Christmas music in my car. I picked her up at her work and went for a quick bite. And we went to a coffee shop and enjoyed holiday flavored coffee.

Then we walked around the shopping center and took some pictures. I struck a silly pose in front of a big Christmas tree. Then we realized that my belly was exposed in the picture. We had a big laugh. We kept looking at that picture and kept laughing.

We took a detour back to her work and looked at houses with Christmas decorations. I took her back to work in three hours.

4 days later, I cherish that magic moment.

Wardrobe by Costco (5 items): Cashmere scarf, Buffalo brand hoodie, Calvin Klein shirt, Buffalo brand jeans, Kirkland Signature belt. 

My cubicle – Christmas 2017
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I put up this decoration in my cubicle on Thanksgiving week. Since then, every single day I hear people going “Oooh~!” “Aahhh~!!”. It’s been super fun so far.

The Christmas tree with 800 lights was $10 at a garage sale.

I bought the train, stuffed reindeer, and a red scarf from Costco.

I’ve been playing Christmas music for the last 2 months. Christmas is now only two weeks away. I already feel emotional that the end is near. I would like to enjoy more and share with more people.

Merry Christmas. Happy holidays.

Music Choice Killed Classic Christmas
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Update November 12, 2020: Comcast now has a Classic Christmas channel via digital Music Choice channels. All the classic tunes and pretty pictures. Read more about it below – comment #14789.  Thank you for posting!

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I love Christmas.

Music is very important for us Christmas lovers. Along with decorations and the smell of pumpkin spice, music is the element that will hold Christmas together. I like classic Christmas tunes that make me feel happy and sentimental. Classic Christmas music takes me back in time. I own 70+ Christmas CDs. I bought my first Christmas CD from BMG CD Club 20-30 years ago. Remember BMG? Columbia House? I used to buy records from them. Good times.

Every Christmas season I tune my cable TV channel to Sound of the Seasons, a part of the Music Choice channel line-up. They play commercial-free Christmas tunes. I enjoyed that channel every year. Then something happened.

They started to play Christmas songs by young artists such as Brittany Spears, One Direction, In Sync… Then last year, they rarely played classic tunes, but most of the songs they played were teeny-bopper, hip hop Christmas tunes, some songs with deep heavy bass – as if I’m at Run DMC concert.


So, I stopped listening to that God-awful channel.

Look at this abomination. Britney Spears is a beautiful and talented young lady. But that’s not Christmas.

To sum up – Christmas music should sound like Christmas. Christmas music should NOT make me feel like I’m in the middle of a breakdance battle. Don’t drop the bass on the yule log.

Merry Christmas
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Merry Christmas, everyone.

This year is going by so fast. I wish we don’t get old so we can have fun forever.

Below is my cubicle at work. This is a repeat of what I did last year. I just added some more stuff. Many people stopped by to talk to me and took pictures. It’s been a fun season so far.

Good times. Merry Christmas.  🙂

Ugliest Christmas LIghts
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Is it just me? Or is this the ugliest thing?

It seems like these lights are selling like hotcakes, good for them. But… you cannot pay me enough to have that shining on my house.