Costco Coupons, Member-Only Savings, June-July 2024

Valid June 19 – July 21, 2024

  • I will buy the pillows – possibly two sets.
  • Charmin toilet paper is not on sale. They are long overdue.

Charmin toilet paper on sale

After writing this blog I checked the Costco website and saw Charmin bathroom tissues on sale. They were on sale for 9 days only (the sale ends June 16, 2024). I happened to drive by a Costco warehouse today, so I picked up two 30-packs and saved $13. They were $23.49 each after savings. This reminded me to visit the Costco website occasionally.

If you are budget-minded, the Kirkland Signature brand gives you a better value for money. You get more for money with KS toilet paper at a regular price, compared to the sales price of Charmin. I had used KS toilet paper for many years. I bought a pack of Charmin a few years ago to see why they cost more. I’ve been buying Charmin since then. Kirkland Signature is good. Charmin is fancier.

Costco Coupons, Member-Only Savings, January 2024

Valid December 27, 2023 – January 21, 2024

Scotch-Brite sponges (24 pack) – $4 off

I’ve always thought that these sponges were on sale way too often. Then I had a waking moment. They are not on sale too often, but I hold on to the dirty sponges for too long. I was poor all my life. I am still trying to adjust to my new lifestyle with bigger paychecks. The last time these sponges were on sale was August 2023. So, I should replace these sponges at least once a week (not once a month, hahaha.). I wonder if people with sharp eyes can tell that I grew up poor. I wonder how many of these telling signs I still possess – which I don’t mind. I am what I am. I was poor all my life and I am proud of it. Money comes and money goes. 🙂