CLA and weight loss – 135 days experiment

Quick update. Just the fact. No opinion. Your results may vary.

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) – is a dietary supplement that’s supposed to burn fat. Costco sells 2 kinds of CLA pills.

I am 5’7″. My normally weigh is 158 lb. I wear a size 40 suit jacket and 31-inch waist pants. I am a little wider on top. Although I haven’t been to the gym in 20 years, I can comfortably do 10 pull-ups in competition standard (no kicking, no swinging – no cheating).

I gained 6 pounds during the pandemic lockdown. When I weighed myself 165 lb on September 2020, I bought some CLA pills.

  • I took CLA pills for 45 days and lost a few pounds.
  • Next, I took different CLA pills for 45 days and lost another few pounds.
  • After that, I didn’t take any pills but watched my diet for 45 days, and lost additional few pounds.
  • During that 135 days, there were no changes in my physical activities.
  • During that 135 days, I thought about losing weight a lot. So, I watched my diet more than usual.
  • Then the holiday season came. My weight went up (160) and down (157) after the holiday season.
  • Currently, I don’t take any fat burners, and I keep my weight at 156 lb.
  • Overall, I lost 2 pounds after 12 months of pandemic lockdown. I lost more than I gained.
  • I plan to bring my body weight down a few more pounds with no supplements. I would like 155 lb or under.
  • For this experiment, I made sure I didn’t work out.

This experiment doesn’t prove much. Everyone has a unique body and a unique scenario. I just thought some people might find it interesting.

November 24, 2020. The end of the 135-day experiment & the beginning of the holiday season (massive eating). I hit 152.5 lb once, but I didn’t maintain that weight.

Costco Bicycle – Northrock

Check this out. This is my new Costco bicycle.

  • I replaced the seat.
  • I installed a rear-view mirror.
  • I have iPod Touch speakers in front. It also holds my camera & keys.
  • I put my sunglasses under the seat.

I am aware this shape is supposed to be for girls. But I like this model. It’s very practical with access space in front. Who cares what other people say? OK, you are better than me. See ya~!!

I am having a lot of fun with my new bicycle. I ride to a local park and play backboard (tennis). It gives me 45-50 minutes of light aerobic workout. I sling a tennis racquet on my back (like a guitar). This is more entertaining than I imagined. I just need to be very careful.

Also, as I ride around the town, I get to meet people. 

We have a really attractive neighbor. She’s a lean blond, kind of rock band groupie type. She was surprised to see me on a bicycle. She gave me a hug for the first time. That hug paid for my bicycle.

Also, I met another neighbor – she also complimented my bicycle and my outfit. NO, I do not wear tights. I wear my regular running outfit I bought from Costco. She invited me to visit her sometime. She also gave me a hug.

I may be residentially challenged. But, ah~! the beauty of living in an apartment complex. 

Anyway, the bicycle is fun, and it’s good for me. Money well spent.

I need to keep reminding myself to be very careful when I ride. (fingers crossed).