hulu for 99¢ a month – 10 months or less for me

Today is the last day to subscribe to Hulu (with ad) for 99¢ per month for a year. This is a special Black Friday deal. I get to pay 99¢ every month for the next 12 months. This deal is only available for new or returning customers. In order to be classified as a “returning customer”, I had to cancel Hulu for 30 days or longer. So, I will cancel my service 2 months before Thanksgiving 2024. That way, on the next year’s Black Friday, I will be at “returning customer” status again. (keep reading below)

If Hulu doesn’t bring back the Black Friday special next year? I will not miss them a bit. Screw them. My money is more important than watching TV.

TV has its place. TV can be valuable to people. I would subscribe to more TV services if I were retired or immobile and my only enjoyment (reason for living) is watching TV. But, if you are young, trying to make something out of your life (make money, start a business, learn skills, be better…), then TV is a disease you need to avoid.

Anyway, I have Hulu now. I shall catch up on The Conners, Bob’s Burgers, To Catch a Smuggler, etc.. I leave the TV as a background while I work from home. Good times…

Sunday Driving – Video Greeting Card

I woke up at 4 AM and went to Santa Clarita (CA) before the Sunrise for this video. Below is a 12-minute video of me driving down Bouquet Canyon Road. It was a glorious Sunday morning.

This is my first greeting card in 15 years. Thank you so much for looking me up from time to time.

There are a handful of visitors who will enjoy this video. It’s not because the video quality is amazing, but they will enjoy seeing me, a little guy, enjoying a little moment. Some of you may even feel proud that I have made this much progress in 15 years.

I am a little guy, and I am proud of it. I don’t look at the mirror every morning and say “What will I do to change the world” – F that. I’m a little guy. I will not cure diseases. I will not compete in the Olympics. I pay taxes and do what they tell me to do. And no motivational speaker can make me happier than I am now. So step aside Randy Couture!

Talk to you later. Good times~!!!

12 Min Video: Driving Bouquet Canyon on a Sunday morning

November 2022 Update – Personal

My favorite singer, Gal Costa, died on Nov 9, 2022

I cannot think of any other singer who brings me such joy as Gal Costa. She was 77 years old. God bless her. I am glad I found her by accident many years ago. Her songs hit me differently when I knew she was alive. With her passing, my life will be slightly different. Her music shaped my personality and lifestyle. I often think about what I will listen to at the moment of my death. Gal Costa is the one.

My past blog posts that talk about Gal Costa

I am doing very well

I am sorry; I have slowed down with my blog update. I am still here. I still have the same job. I am still healthy. I haven’t changed much. I still believe a boring life is the best life. There is absolutely no drama in my life.

I lost 7 pounds last 2 months by eating less. I went from 162 lb down to 155 lb. The sole purpose of losing weight is so I can eat like a pig during the holiday season. Now I can gain several pounds and not feel bad about it. I call my diet “The Hunger Games”.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on video recording and editing. I don’t plan on becoming a YouTuber. it’s just fun playing with it.

Doing sit-ups can be bad for you. Very bad.

This is embarrassing, but I hope to save some of you from the months of suffering that I endured. I did some sit-ups last year, and it caused a blister on my buttock (in the awkward area). I thought it would go away, but it didn’t. The blister was there for several months and I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t even examine it visually. The blister gradually became worse and more painful. Finally, before making a doctor’s appointment, I performed a minor procedure on my own. (detail skipped). My blind operation was a success. It took several days to get completely healed.

If this happened to me, this can happen to you. The blister is hard to manage because of where it’s located. If you are sexually active, such a blister can send a wrong impression about you. I don’t know if the blister leaves scars. And if you are not gutsy enough, you’ll have to take this to a doctor. I don’t even want to imagine how I was supposed to show this to a doctor… in missionary style? or doggie style? Terrifying…

There are better ways to work your abs. Do abdominal crunch. Avoid sit-ups (nonononono…).

Costco Shopping & Turkey Coming Up

Next week, I shall go to Costco for a turkey and some treats. I will bake a turkey alone as usual. I am invited to two places for Thanksgiving dinner. But Thanksgiving Day is also my holiday. I want to enjoy the holiday. I want to lie down, watch TV, take a nap, and do whatever I feel like. I shall gain 7 pounds during this holiday season.

Talk to you later!

Then I saw the videos

Hi, I am doing very well. I still have the same job that I work from home since the pandemic. And I haven’t caught Covid yet! I am here and I will keep in touch. Below is a quick chit-chat.


Like any other teenager, music was a big part of my life when I was young. I still enjoy music every day.

Back then, there was a time when music videos were rare. MTV was new, and they mostly played pop songs such as Prince and Madonna.

I loved below two songs (among others). I listened to them hundreds of times when I was young. I even felt “exclusive” that I was listening to imported European stuff.

Many years later, I finally saw the videos on YouTube.

I wish I had never seen these videos. I still like these songs a lot. But the videos are horrible (suck). They look cheesy and cheap. I was shocked and confused. It would have been better if I didn’t see these videos.

Steve Winwood – While You See A Chance

Modern Talking – Geronimo’s Cadillac

Oil Change

My friend told me that my scrambled eggs smelled funny. She followed up by telling me that my cooking oil must be rancid and yucky. But, I know my eggs. I make great scrambled eggs.

“Rancid? get out of here! Cooking oils never go bad. People dig up old cooking oils from the Pyramid and cook stuff… sausages, and shit,” I said jokingly, but with confidence. I quickly dismissed her.

I keep two kinds of cooking oils in the kitchen and they smelled just fine. They smelled just like what I’m used to all my life.

But she disagreed. She made a sour face as she smelled one of my cooking oils. She told me to check the expiration date on my cooking oils. “Expiration date? What expiration date?” I frowned as I looked at the jugs.

Oh my God! My oils have expired ages ago! My oils are rancid! So… they aren’t supposed to smell like that? I was blown away and embarrassed. Holy cow…

Cooking oils from Costco (March 2022)

I buy cooking oils from Costco. And they would last several years. I never checked the expiration date on cooking oil. I thought they didn’t even have an expiration date.

I bought the double jugs of canola oil from Costco on August 7, 2018. They had an expiration date of June 2019. There was no chance I was going to finish those twin monsters in 11 months.

The next day, I went to Walmart and picked up some small bottles of cooking oils. I transferred them into the dispensers. This time, I wrote down the expiration dates in bold letters.

I was poor all my life. It’s been 10 years since I became a homeowner. It’s been 9 years since I got a new job and improved my financial status. But, I cannot suddenly become a person of high class overnight. I’ve been telling you guys that my root is humble. This is one example.

I fried eggs multiple times using the new oils. But, I couldn’t really notice the difference. They all tasted the same. They are all good. Hahaha…

Oils from Walmart